Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed

Lyda here. In my role as Reporter of the Weirdness of the Cosmic Innernetting, I have once again been doing some window shopping.

And as usual, I found some things ya’ll didn’t even know you needed.

Like this salt grater. Yes. You can spend twenty-eight bucks plus postage so that you can grate your own salt. And here ya’ll have been buying it granulated at the store. What were you thinking?

On the other hand, you might need one of these. Or a shirt just like Shaun’s. Or a corporate zombie button. And Tommy asked for one of these.

Marin might need these and this to wear on Black Valentines Day. That seller has lots of creepy-cute stuff. Ya’ll browse around… And while we are talking about Black Valentines, here’s a card. And here are some more. And here’s another. Heh.

Hey, Anna-Liza, do you remember when we posed for this? ‘Cause it’s all a blur to me. Wow, how much I’ve changed. Maybe it’s the caffeine

One’s lips get dry while hunting the undead – or just dealing with the zombies in the office – so these lip balms could come in handy. And, like, they’re all organic and vegan and stuff. Just because I have a zombie army doesn’t mean I’m not green. In fact, some of them are very green… but I digress.

I will need something like this soon. Although the Resident Sith Master might prefer a “Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me” button, mayhaps. (The other buttons could go to other geeks I know.)

See Anna-Liza, I’m browsing etsy just like you told me to. I’m not wasting my weekend at all…

But sometimes you end up with something you don’t want and can’t return and don’t want to toss because it will lurk in the landfill forever.

In which case, you turn it into a zombie.

Well, that’s what I would do. And I’m not alone.

Look at this My Little Pony Zombie.

Pony: $10
Paint and other supplies: $10
Grossing out all your friends, but in a good way: Priceless.

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