Pollyanna Labors Over the Weirdness of the Day

Lyda here. It’s Labor Day. That link gives you the history and politics behind the day.

Not to belabor the point (heh), but of course, I decided to celebrate by finding some Labor Day weirdness for ya’ll. You’re welcome.

1.) Georgia is getting scary. Scarecrow-scary. This town is going for the world record in scarecrows. Their annual fall festival starts today. I just hope someone thought to make zombie scarecrows, since I’m not there to do it for them…

2.) Of course, it’s a big day for grilling. So, here are the weirdest barbeque accessories and some.. um… unusual grills. I’m thinking, this site is a weirdness treasure trove!

And here are some recipes for side dishes. Okay, I admit it. I include that link just because there’s a picture of a piggie sign. Lick that Pig!

3.) When you are grilling, be very careful weilding The Spatula of DoomAnd speaking of spatula of doom, here’s a spatula for your favorite angler.

A spatula also makes a great attachment to one’s car. Warning: Language and video-game violence.  It is a weapon on Runescape, too. And of course, there’s only one place to go for your spatula needs:  Spatula City! In your Spatula City t-shirt, of course. Have ya’ll seen “UHF“? Should I see it?

Okay, maybe this is a stretch for a Labor Day post, but c’mon – Spatula of Doom! How could I not include it!?!

It’s Spatula Madness!

4.) And what Labor Day party spread would be complete without an inflatable salad bar? Or hot dogs turned into octopi?

And for dessert, some disturbing cookies. See, it’s Labor Day, so the one without a head is the boss… Oh, never mind.

Or a piggie ice cream sandwich! Now that’s a lickable pig!!

Sporks, they’re everywhere! Must have brain mold… they have heart and eyeball molds too.

5.) And while you are celebrating, don’t forget the drinks!

6.) Apparently, presidential candidates must eat ice cream. A lot. And not just on Labor Day. Uh, how do I sign up for candidacy?

7.) The winners of the Asian World Bodypainting Festival awards are celebrating today. That site has info on the annual bodypainting festivals, and lots of cool pics. An extra bodypainting link – just because. Warning: Some paint-covered nudity.

8.) Labor Day brings the fashion debate on wearing white.

 Emily Post says, “White can be worn 365 days a year. The old rule about wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a thing of the past.”

Of course, eco-white is always in fashion.

This Pollyanna does not care when or if you wear white.

Personally, I never wear white after Labor Day – or any other day. I am too messy for white. I don’t own anything white, not even tennis shoes.

9.) And Labor Day brings sales. Lots and lots of sales.

Just be careful where you shop. You don’t want to get blown away by the savings.

10.) Also, football, parades, and assorted tomfoolery happen this day. I will not be participating in, nor watching, any of the above. Sigh. I miss assorted tomfoolery. If ya know what I mean… and I’m sure you do.


As for me, I’ll be home today, working on the nephew quilt.

And eating cake.

The day would be perfect if I had this to watch. Oh, Santa!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Labors Over the Weirdness of the Day

  1. savanvleck

    I am so sorry. I humbly bow to your Labor day posting. I do think my WordPress preview window doth show me what I have seen last rather than what is up next; waiting and ready for me to feast my eyes on.

    I also doth think if one more teenager leaves their cell phone on during the night I shall have to do them bodily harm


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