Pollyanna and the Bleedin’ Random Weirdness of Humans

Lyda here. It’s Wednesday, time for random weirdness!

And have I got some weirdness for ya’ll! At first, I didn’t think there was a unifying theme for this week’s Random Weirdness, but then I realized… there’s blood in all of them. And I wasn’t even trying! That’s kind of scary, actually…

So Pollyanna presents…

The Random Weirdness of Humans – The Bleeding Edition

1.) I think the Zombie Army would like living on this street. I wonder if it crosses Brains Boulevard?

For those of you without your own Zombie Army, here’e something to give you the feeling of being surrounded by zombies all the time. Welcome to my world.

2.) This is what every house needs – a storm trooper snow globe made out of a baby food jar. Classy.

I’d much rather have personalized zombie cake toppers. CAAAAKKKKKE!

3.) Here’s a list of the top 5 girlie vampire movies. In case you have any girlie vampires you need to entertain, ya’ll.

I love that blog title, by the way:  The Great White Snark. Heh.

4.) And while there, I found this list of the greatest geek TV shows of the last 20 years. Yes, I’ve seen almost all of these and some of my favorite shows are on that list. I don’t have cable, which severly hampers my ability to feed my geekosity with some of these. How many have you seen?

Yes, blood is featured in many of those shows…

5.) Looking for a recipe for Wookie cookies? Or perhaps a Darth Malt? There ya go. Hey, “Dark Side Salsa” sounds like it has blood in it to ME.

But in case that doesn’t seem bloody enough:  Here are some recipes with REAL blood in them, plus some drinks that just look bloody.

And here are some spooky recipes, including Bizarre Brain Pate and a Bleeding Human Heart – and a drink guaranteed to reanimate your own zombies. 

Be sure to have plenty of brains on hand if you try that last one. The undead tend to awaken hungry.

She also has a great Hogwarts Celebration page with recipes and decoration ideas. No Muggles allowed!

6.) And while we’re talking about care and feeding of zombies, here’s the famous Zombie Food Pyramid. But here’s the latest zombie nutrition news.

7.) Here’s a musical tribute to Captain Kirk, that space gigolo . Hey, he’s got blood on his face in several of those clips.

And speaking of Captain Kirk, here’s Kevin Pollak doing Kirk in a great Enterprise comedy routine.

8.) Bet you didn’t know this. How would we learn these things without comedians? Warning:  Language unsuitable for work or kids, even with the bleeping.

And there’s an implication of blood in this one. Yes, there is.

9.) I think ya’ll will appreciate this card. I certainly do. Heh.

10.) And of course, I had to share these “Shaun of the Dead” cards – with knitted characters!

In a crisis, would you become a zombie, zombie food, or a survivor? Take the test and find out.

My result for Zombie, Zombie Food, or Zombie Survivor Test…

The Survivor

You are well prepared and knowledgable and will no doubt live a long and happy zombie-free life. You might want to think about setting up a zombie survival group in your area, an anti-undead militia. But please, for everyone’s sake keep it low-key. We don’t want the government to think we are on to their scheme so take your band and keep moving.

Take Zombie, Zombie Food, or Zombie Survivor Test at HelloQuizzy

Yes, ya’ll can be in my survival group. But you have to bring your own yarn.

By the way…

You’ve got red on you.


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