Pollyanna Draws it out

Lyda here. Just thought I’d share some weirdly cool stuff. I thought I’d posted this Friday morning. LAST Friday morning.

Apparently I was too busy waking up my son for class.

Which he actually doesn’t have on Fridays.

Tip:  Never wake a Sith Master.

Just trust me on this.

But I digress…

Some people apparently should play with their food. An artist is an artist no matter the medium. Or well-done.

As proven by cauliflower sheep. Still a fiber blog. Get it?  Cauliflower has fiber… oh, never mind.

And of course, my favorite:  cake art. I love this Millenium Falcon cake, but these divorce cakes appeal to me even more.

Wait, what’s this system error??

Stepping away from the cake…

Sand animals – safe and fun for everyone

7 Deadly Sins  Warning: Music is a bit loud.

Also, there is brief implied sand sex, so you might not want your kids to see that.

Depending on how you feel about exposing your kids to the healthy expression of sexuality by two consenting adult…

sand people…


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Draws it out

  1. lyda Post author

    Watch the 7 Deadly Sins thing again. It looked like sex to me. Then again, it’s been so long… how would I recognize it?


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