Pollyanna: From Zombie to Human in One Minute Flat

Lyda here. Admit it. Ya’ll knew that from the post title, didn’t you?

It’s noon, and all I’ve done today so far is catch up on my blog reading. Perfect.

Yesterday was a hard day. I haven’t slept well all week, so I was a zombie all day. As usual. Braiiiinnnsss…  Work was… well, work. Thus the name, I suppose… I had a difficult and upsetting conversation not related to work at all.  Then a minor panic attack at lunch. Panic attacks suck.  Another upsetting conversation in the afternoon not related to work, but you know how sometimes you like someone until you know them better? Yeah. One of those.  I was too frazzled to cook dinner, and spent the whole drive to get fast food bitching and moaning about everything to the Resident Sith Master who was awesome about it.

There’s only one way to end a day like that.

A zombie movie.

We put on “Resident Evil: Extinction” (2007) – the third in the series, and our favorite. My review here.

And my wonderful funny son made me laugh so hard that my ribs hurt.

And somehow, instantly, everything was fantastic.

I love that guy.

The movie is showing those warnings “For private viewing, etc. etc.”. First in English. Then Spanish. Then Italian. Then I-don’t-know-what language.

Me: We must have the warning in every language.
RSM: And now, in ancient Aztec.

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