Pollyanna versus the Gifts of Weirdness

Lyda here. Usually the Random Weirdness comes on Wednesdays, but I couldn’t wait this time.

There are things we all need: Food. Water. Shelter. Love.

There are things we want: Cake. Margueritas. A house on the beach. A hot man….


Heh. Made you look.

And then, there are things we really really don’t want. Ever.

Guess which one this post is about?

Yup. Let’s see what’s behind Door Number 3.

The Weirdest Gift Ideas Ever

1.) Toilet salt-and-pepper shakers.

2.) Talking tongue bottle opener.

3.) Peeing boy liquid dispenser.

4.) Gross egg separator.

5.) Gag toilet paper .

Combine that black toilet paper with this psycho shower curtain, plus these dead body towels – you’ve got a disturbing theme gift.

6.) Creepy Marie Osmond Elvis doll. *shudder*

7.) Communist nesting dolls.

8.) Splat pig. Just. So. Wrong.

9.) Shakespearian Insult Gum and Voodoo Lollipop.

10.) Banana guard. Because one’s banana can never be too safe. And it’s plastic, so unlike your banana, it will be on the planet forever.


Want more? Here’s “Weird for Sale” – a whole blog dedicated to the weird stuff you can buy. That’s where I found the banana guard.


No matter how weird I think the world has become, it’s always…



3 thoughts on “Pollyanna versus the Gifts of Weirdness

  1. lyda Post author

    Splat Pig – pig kissin’ and pig throwin’ in one portable package!

    Don’t they teach about banana protection in sex ed anymore?


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