Pollyanna Is Exhausted and a Little Worried

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Betcha thought it was Lyda, didn’t you? But no.

The exhausted part is because we started this morning hoping to sleep in to, oh, 7:30. But around 5 a.m. I sort of vaguely woke up to hear Mr. B go into the bathroom. Then as I drifted off again, he yelled “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”, which of course jerked me entirely awake. As I grabbed my pj’s to put them on I called “What is it?” to which he replied, “Would it wake you up if I flush the toilet?”

He’s so considerate.

Long, long day. Soccer game at 9, then gift shopping for two different kids’ birthdays, then a welcome respite at Java Stop for lunch, then a birthday party, then our annual neighborhood picnic. At which Mr. R lost a (loose) tooth while jumping in the bouncy house. He found it–it’s in my pocket waiting safely to go under his pillow tonight. Oh, and Darlin’ K is on a day-long hike up in the high country (the mountains are white today–he did take warm gear with him), and he plans on having dinner with the friend he went hiking with, so he won’t be home until late.

My feet hurt, I ate really badly today (except for the bagel sandwich at Java Stop), and all I really want to do is lie in bed and read some escapist thing with no redeeming value whatsoever. But first I have to get the kids to bed.

I’m taking tomorrow off.

The worried part? I’m not worried about Darlin’ K–he’s Mr. Outdoors and can take excellent care of himself in the high country. Did I ever tell you he once climbed Denali? No? He did — didn’t make it to the summit because one of his group got severe altitude sickness, but he did get way the hell up there. So there’s only my usual minor worry about anyone I love who isn’t currently in my line of sight. Maybe even less of that than usual, considering.

The worry is that my folks and my sister’s family live about 20 miles north of Houston. They’re far enough inland that Ike would have been down to, oh, 60 mph winds by the time it got up that far. However, that’s where I lived when Hurricane Alicia hit. There were tornadoes and lots of downed trees. It’s a heavily wooded part of the world–the Big Thicket ends within spittin’ distance of my parents’ house — and tree damage can be lethal. And, with Alicia, we had no power for at least a couple of weeks. And I haven’t been able to get them on the phone yet. Not surprising, everyone in the world with relatives down there is probably trying to call.

I’ll be calling again tomorrow. In the meantime, if anyone reads this and lives in or near Spring, Texas, let me know how things are, ‘k?

Sometime I’ll talk about waiting for news when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. I have family there, too.


One thought on “Pollyanna Is Exhausted and a Little Worried

  1. lyda

    I’m wondering how it is there too. Although the good news is that – Spring hasn’t been on the news. (Neither has Corpus Christi – where I almost moved this summer.) So hopefully everything is okay there… fingers crossed.


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