Pollyanna Gingerly Steps into the Muck

Anna-Liza here.

Hurricane Ike update: My folks are okay, they don’t have power but they do have a generator, and no trees fell on the house or the cars. They are experienced in the ways of hurricanes, so they filled up lots of containers of water before it hit. The generator can’t run everything, so they have to be selective. They haven’t hooked up the water pump (they have a well) or the washer/dryer, or the stove. The coffee pot works, and they’ll be cooking on a camp stove. My mom’s pretty annoyed at no showers and no laundry, but hey. Safe food is more important. My dad says that one of the grocery stores near them has an industrial-strength generator and is open for business, and he expects more of them will open over the next few days. My sister’s family is okay, too. Also no power, but okay (according to my dad).

It’s like Alicia again, but with millions more people without power. Therefore, it could be literally weeks before it’s restored everywhere. But everyone’s fine.

The muck? No, it’s not the big storm. It’s politics. Lyda and I both have decided political opinions (mostly very similar), but we don’t really see the point in bringing it up much. Really, there are so many people out there who can express themselves about this so much better, we just figure we’ll have our private discussions and make sure we vote.

But then, there’s the whole “Saint Sarah Palin” thing. Oh. My. God.

You know, I lost respect for John McCain several years ago. I used to think of him as a good guy, a guy I could respect even though I disagreed with a lot of his opinions. And then he started sucking up to the Religious So-Called Right. That was the beginning of my loss of respect. The appointment of Sarah Palin as his running mate pretty much killed off any that might still have been lingering in my brain.

I will say this now. I am proud to call myself a feminist–we need to take back that word and another proud word that we’ve allowed the bad guys to debase (liberal). I think it would be grand to have a female VP, and of course a female P. But not just any old female.

The only thing the woman has in common with me is that she speaks a form of English and has a cu vulva. I presume. As she’s apparently born children. She represents exactly the opposite of everything I stand for. And apparently, this idea of Alaskans being unanimous Sarah-lovers is … false.

This blog has been gaining readership since the Palin nomination, and I can see why. (The title of my post today is a sort of tribute to her blog’s tagline.) This post was very interesting, showing that the anti-Palin rally in Anchorage was actually a fair bit larger than the “welcome home” rally. Even though it doesn’t seem to have made much of a ripple in the so-far media-crush on Palin. The woman takes G.W. Bush’s form of politics (good-ol’-boy cronyism, paranoia, intimidation, and secrecy) to an even greater extreme. It’s like she’s a reincarnation of Stalin. And she calls herself a reformer! It would be laughable, except that people actually believe her.

I don’t think Obama is the savior a lot of people seem to think. I have some reservations about him and about Joe Biden. But they’re not “the lesser of two evils”. No, this time, flawed and human as they are, they are Love Hope and Purity Personified when compared to the Great and Awful Evil of the McCain/Palin ticket.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Gingerly Steps into the Muck

  1. lyda

    I am a feminist and a liberal too. And also, yeah. What she said. (We do talk politics together. A lot. And other stuff. See, I am capable of thinking about other things than zombies and cake and menz.)

  2. savanvleck

    Ditto, yet again.

    I lost respect for McCain some time ago and I really had this strange feeling that he was purposely throwing the election to Obama, when he picked Palin. I mean, what other reason would he do that?

    The woman dresses and acts like a 50s housewife; who used to be a cheerleader and whose “favorite thang” was stabbing other women in the back.

    And they are both so sure of their lies. Like a little kid, who says it once and then has to stick with it even though they know it’s a lie.

    I like Obama and Biden; especially the more I read about Obama’s credentials.

    I don’t think any self-respecting, intelligent woman is going to vote for Palin just because she has ovaries.


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