Pollyanna’s Virtual Vacation

Lyda here. I’m not really on vacation – and I haven’t been. Sorry for the silence, but I’ve been getting ready for my Virtual Vacation. Virtual because I still have to work, and I didn’t really go anywhere.  Which started Saturday.

I’m helping out some good friends by watching over their dog. And thus, I have access to their house.

Their huge, beautiful, well-appointed house.

It’s not palatial, ya’ll, but it does have the most awesome master bathroom with a huge tub and walk-in shower.

And cable.

It’s hard to tear myself away from the zillion channels. So many movies, so little time.

I can’t just pop in and feed the dog and leave, now can I?

In preparation, I put knitting projects and the Heart Quilt in the car – maybe I’ll do them where there isn’t a cat to nap on it while I’m trying to knit / sew.

But then again… maybe I won’t.

There is also a computer and an Internet hook-up. So hopefully that means I’ll actually post this week.

If not, just think of it as future movie posts in the making…


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