Pollyanna Hacks Her Way Through the Jungle

Lyda here. Just remembered, this is supposed to be a knitting and quilting blog.

Not much knitting lately. I was at a soccer game watching a friend’s son play and I took my knitting bag with me. Surprisingly, to me at least, I got involved in the game – I’m not much of a sports nut, but it was fun watching the third-graders play – plus, he scored! Awesome!  So I got less done than I thought I would.

I did rip back what I had done on a scarf for the Resident Sith Master. I have less yarn than I thought, so I’ve decided that it will have gray on both sides and the red-and-black-flecked in the middle. Or possibly narrow stripes of both colors, but with gray on both sides. Because I have more gray yarn it will look better that way. Yeah.

In quilting news, I have been working on The Jungle Quilt for my grand-nephew. I’ve made 50 of the 100 nine-patch squares so far. It goes pretty fast when I’m watching TV. The only problem is that these are supposed to be 3 1/2″ square, and they aren’t. So I may have to cut the other pieces smaller, which is a pain since I already cut them – but otherwise the blocks won’t come together.

Then it will be on to the next part of the project – creating blocks with these squares and (currently 3 1/2″) squares of the print fabric. Then just alternating the blocks with the (currently 9 1/2″) squares of the animal print, and – presto! – quilt top.

Okay, maybe not presto. But let me keep my illusions, okay?

I was going to quilt around the animals in the large blocks – wouldn’t that be neat? – but this quilt may be tied instead. I need to get the quilts to the two grand-nephews before the cold hits in Texas. Or the baby graduates medical school. (His quilt was finished in July, the same month he was born in, remember the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt?).

Besides, I’ve got other projects in the works. Some kind of zombie quilt creation is in the planning stages, for instance.

Plus, a friend’s daughter cleaned out her stuff before heading off to college. Guess who got her fabric scraps and bits of trim and lace and such?


This stuff will be awesome for a crazy quilt, which is definitely something I’ve been itching to try.

And there’s even some fabric with words, which ya’ll will remember I’m collecting for a word quilt.



3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Hacks Her Way Through the Jungle

  1. lyda Post author

    Go, Quilt Girl, go! Hey, I could have a big Q on my chest – and with my chest it could be a BIG Q. Just one question – do I get a cape?

    Yes, I love free stuff. As you well know. Free stuff that feeds my fabric obsession is the coolest.

    And now I’ve had a week without quilting of any kind, I’m really eager for a weekend of fabric mania.


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