Pollyanna Flashes Back

Anna-Liza here. I recently ran across a little bit of writing from the time, not so long ago, that we had a family bed. Lyda thought it was funny, so here’s a little Pollyanna Slice of Recent History.

Mr. B, my toddler, has suggestions for other cosleeping toddlers for when they can’t sleep at night and get bored. Here are his ideas:

“Most of these games have the goal of waking up mama, or keeping her awake and entertaining for as long as possible. It’s really funny when she makes those noises! So try these:

–sing “mama mama mama mom mom mommy mama” while gently pinching her tummy repeatedly. Poking is an alternative.

–gently place your finger in her nose.

–climb on top of her and bounce up and down, singing “bouncy, bouncy, bouncy”

–gallop your hard plastic toy horse across her face.

–lose your toy horse and then say “Horse? Horse? Horse?” over and over until she wakes up and finds it for you.

–blow raspberries on her tummy. *Caution* this one might make her flail around and hit Daddy for teaching you to do this. Be careful not to get between them.

Have lots of fun! Mommies are funny when they’re sleepy! These work on Daddies, too, but you have to be a lot louder.”


One thought on “Pollyanna Flashes Back

  1. lyda

    Bwahahahahaha. I remember this! You crack me up, BFF.

    Kids do all that even when you don’t have an official family bed. Only with mine it was a plastic dinosaur instead of a horse. Triceratops – ouch!

    Also, I think Tommy read the cat version of this.


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