Pollyanna Returns to the Light Side

Lyda here. The Blog Light side, at least.

My virtual vacation is over at last. Now the truth can be told – we were actually staying at our friend’s house while the parents were off on their adventure. I was babysitting – if you can call it that when the boys in question are 8 and 17 – we’ll call them Soccer Dude and Alien Spy – and the Resident Sith Master and I shared dogsitting duties – News flash: dogs shed.

I took all kinds of projects with me, but didn’t get any of them done. Or even work on them. The only thing I did was a little KIP (knitting in public) at the soccer games both Saturdays. I didn’t make much project on the scarf I’m making for RSM – I’m not even done casting on, as it will be a long scarf and I’m casting on lengthwise again.  I was mostly cheering on Soccer Dude. I had fun being Soccer Mom for a Day, but some of the parents had two or three kids in playing in soccer games. All soccer, all day long. I did not envy them.

I mostly watched TV and did endless amounts of laundry and tried to keep myself from overcleaning. Ya’ll have to understand – a whole new house just waiting to be scrubbed! I know, I know, I’m one sick puppy.  But I had to stop with cleaning out the frig – I spilled juice in it, so then I had to clean it, no really! – and sweeping the floors, because my knees decided to swell from going up and down the stairs.

It was fun hanging out with the boys – although I may have gotten a testosterone overdose – except that they were very difficult to feed. We had chicken at least four times – because they would both eat it and the accompanying side dishes. As long as it was mashed potatoes. I don’t think either of the boys ate a non-brown vegetable the whole time, although I managed to get some juice into the younger one.

RSM gamely went along with it all (heh, gamely, get it?) but he has decreed this week a chicken-free zone.

Sunday night, the parents came home and RSM and I returned to our own lair.

I loved exploring the cable channels. And the large shower with endless hot water was luxurious. Also, I got paid, which will put some desperately-needed new tires on the car.

But sleeping in my own bed with my own cat on my head?

That’s luxury.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Returns to the Light Side

  1. savanvleck

    I usually pack more projects than I do clothing and rarely get to any of it. But, that one time I didn’t was murder.

    Welcome to my world. One female Chihuahua, me, and, currently, four men. Oh, and visiting rabbit is said to be female. Couldn’t prove it by me.

    I am off to a wedding with mom. My project is taking the photos and my reward is a slumber party with mom and Master’s Daughter in a motel with a Jacuzzi and no men.

    Why is it always easier to clean someone else’s house than your own?

  2. lyda Post author

    Yes, better to have the projects and books and not work on/read them than have time and no projects/books. And for once I actually didn’t pack too many clothes. Plus I had my handy teenage sherpa to carry everything (heh heh).

    It sounds like a movie: Three Women and a Jacuzzi.

  3. Anna-Liza

    It would have to be more women and a big Jacuzzi, I think. You, Knitting Sprite, my friends Chris and Techieangel from knit night, Ms. English Hotcar, and maybe Marin if she’s not out at some luxury hotel and spa with a Jacuzzi all to herself.

  4. lyda Post author

    Wow. That’s quite a mental image.

    Now, I’m assuming there will be cabana boys delivering margueritas, yes?


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