Pollyanna Rocks Out

Hi y’all, Anna-Liza here, and I’m glad to know there are 34 reasons to have sex.

Last night, even though it was a Friday night (when I am usually pretty damn tired, and so is Darlin’ K), and I’m still recovering from bronchitis (extra damn tired), we were able to get child care for the kids and so we went to Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom for the Kan’nal show. The only real thing of note about the venue is that the women’s bathroom had quotes from Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story painted on the wall; otherwise, your fairly typical scruffy music venue, with a decent size dance floor.

The show started out pretty good and got better as it went on. Kan’nal has a deep spiritual focus and still rocks hard. Metallica hard, with didgeridoo and ocarina. And firespinning. At least once or twice a year I just seem to need to be in a crowd of people that smells of Nag Champa and skunkweed, waving my fists in the air and flinging my hair around. *sigh* It was good. Darlin’ K and I got home around 2:30, which for us old folks is pretty late. Especially considering that Mr. R had a soccer game at 9 this morning, and then we had to prepare for his birthday party.

Mr. R was born on Knitting Sprite’s 16th birthday, which is today (Saturday). KS is going camping with friends, and I’ll see her early in the week. I did drop off her gift at her house, though. I know this will be a shock, but it’s not knitting related. As soon as your heart rate recovers, I’ll tell you what it is. Two books: 49 Sensational Skirts by Alison Willoughby and Cloth Dolls for Textile Artists by Ray Slater. They are both crafter’s books, and they’re very inspirational, but they’re not knitting. See? I can be unpredictable! (It’s okay, I’m sure she’s opened the package by now.)

Mr. R’s party is tomorrow (Sunday). We’ll be having it at a local park, right by the playground. The cake is Pokemon, the main game is going to be some kind of elaborate spy/treasure hunt thing, and there will be about 10 or 11 little boys there.

Help me, Obi-Wan …


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