Pollyanna Prepares for the Scare-Fest to Come

Lyda here.

Halloween is coming…

Here are 31 of the scariest movies of all time. One for every day of October. Ya’ll know I don’t agree with all the picks for this list – many of my favorites are missing, and the list is definitely tilted toward gore and slasher pictures. But disagreeing is one of the things that makes lists so fun.  I will say, “Nosferatu” is indeed very creepy and worth a look if you haven’t seen it – no gore, just atmosphere and terror. There is enough description of the movies for you to decide which – if any – you want to see.

And 25 movie villians to strike fear into your heart  – although only two or three of these movies would be classified as “horror”.

This year, that site is counting down to Halloween with 31 of the scariest moments in movies. Check out the clues, and see how many scares you can guess.

I mentioned in passing that I should host a Halloween party. I realized the remote possibility of having a party is one of the reasons behind last weekend’s cleaning frenzy.

I realized that because I am restraining myself from doing more frantic cleaning even as I type.

Because hosting a party – –

That’s REALLY scary!


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