Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Fiber – Scary Kids!

Lyda here.

I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. Maybe I have. But here goes, with videos and such like tomfoolery:

The Random Weirdness of Fiber Obsession – Scary Halloween Edition

1.) We already told ya’ll about “Pardon Me, I didn’t Knit that for You” and  “The Last Knit”

2.) Trust Pollyanna to bring you scary fabric:

There are haunted house prints and an owl print – also perfect for denizens of Hogwarts. But I love the Wicked Witch of the West print – I’d make a bag of that and line it with ruby slippers fabric… ah…

You’ve gotta love a site that has a whole category for Betty Boop fabric – including this awesome Betty Boop Halloween fabric – and a whole category for pirate fabric. And vintage Star Trek fabric!

Ya’ll may remember the cowboy fabric… ah-hem.. I digress…

But this fabric is too scary!

3.) “Knit Wits” – making you an offer you can’t refuse

4.) “Scary Crochet” – The music really makes the video, don’t ya’ll think? But it doesn’t credit the artist, which is extremely annoying. Ya’ll may remember some of them from links in previous Pollyanna posts.  Those are all the creations of Patricia Waller, who also made some fine pig-licking works – check out her work. And despite the video title, they are crochet, not knitting.

I wanted to post a picture of “Pigs and Pearls” – that’s quality pig-licking! – but I will respect the copyright and tell ya’ll to scroll down on that link to see the piggies.

5.) If ya’ll want to crochet your own scary creatures, lurch on over to Monster Crochet, where there are free patterns  – personally I think the Gollum Hat could be transformed into a Crazed Piggie Hat very easily, in case ya’ll need that in your business.  She has for-purchase patterns of some truly… odd… creations. Including a saw with dripping blood, a “dem bones” scarf, and a Turkeyzilla bag. In fact, there’s a whole Poultry Palooza. Just go to the menu and click around, ya’ll.

6.) Animal Recovery Surgery – stuffed edition. These surgeons are much cuter than House. Wolf and his prey created by Lizette Greco.

7.) And if you weren’t scared of clowns yet… you will be. But this is really really scary!

8.) Here’s a scary place to rest your head . They also have quilts – I particularly like the sneaky red-and-green stealth scary one.

9.) Here’s a fun Scary Christmas quilt. The creatorlives in Paris. Ya’ll know what’s really scary? The number of times I’ve seen “An American In Paris“… And here’s a free “Cats and Bats” quilt pattern… which I am mostly including so I can find it to use it…

But here’s some scary quilts. Check out the “primer”. But before ya’ll send those guys $2000 for a quilt, call me! Custom is my middle name. Yup, “Pollyanna Custom Quilts”, that’s me.

10.) Check out these monstrously fabulous coasters! I am so going to do this!

And ya’ll know I love me some zombie squids. Especially the killer zombie squid bride and groom. Perfect shower gift, yes?

Ah. I love October.


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