Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Blustery Day

Hi, Anna-Liza here. It’s autumn in Colorado, and today we’re getting a pretty good reminder of that fact. While I had to scrape frost off my windshield last Tuesday morning, we’ve had highs in the low 70s and upper 60s for the last few days. Yesterday the clouds moved in and it got noticeably chillier. Today is cloudy, wet, and cold. Highs in the 40s predicted. Mr. R’s soccer game looked like a bunch of Oompah Loompahs running around in soccer jerseys, the kids had so many layers on.

Very Superior Husband had an all-day high-country hike planned for today again. He and his friend are going anyway, but he had a lot more gear to pack (and a lot more layers to put on) than originally planned. The kidlets and I are going to spend a good chunk of today at Java Stop, and I am going to bring Eris with me. I probably won’t get that last sleeve totally finished, but I can get closer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get it done in the next week or so. It will take a while to dry once I block it, but it could be wearable by the end of the month. Hey, reasonable goals, right?

Nothing like snow in the forecast to make a girl want to finish up some projects!


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Blustery Day

  1. lyda

    It’s a blustery day here too. Although a milder version of yours. It was even overcast last night. This morning – sunny and clear, but still chilly. At least for us. I’ve actually got socks on in the house. A good day to pull out the knitting and work on RSM’s scarf some more…

  2. Nancy G

    “Nothing like snow in the forecast to make a girl want to finish up some projects!”

    Or get going on some big ones! This weather is perfectly timed; DH and DS are off playing D&D, so I can start on DH’s Christmas present sweater without having sweaty hands sticking to the wool.

  3. Anna-Liza Post author

    You’re just now starting on a Christmas sweater? For an adult? Wow, you’re either really fast or even more delusional than I am, Nancy G!

  4. Nancy G

    Most likely, the latter, Anna-Liza. At least it’s a fast, mostly mindless (read: miles and miles of stockinette) seamless knit. A girl can hope, right?


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