Pollyanna has an announcement to make

Lyda here.

Bruce Willis is no longer the king. Our top search term is now “michael jackson thriller”. That’s right; the King of Pop is king.

In fact, it would be even more of a front runner if people knew how to spell “michael”. Or “thriller” for that matter.

I just hope Bruce isn’t too heart-broken.

He’s not even second in line. “Endless yard sale” is second place.

Still lots of hits with search terms that include the word “shark”. We are also getting hits for Kurt Russell now.

And “Pollyanna cake” and “tribles star trek” – which I of course love!

And a few I’d better not mention. Can I just say that anyone who types “lick” into a search engine should be glad that they ended up here instead of… well, the mind boggles…

The person who was looking for “halloween scary bleeding of doom decorat” might have been looking for Halloween decorations. Or wanting to read about my life before my operation. Who can tell.

And what was the person looking for who typed in “i feel like i’ve been et by a wolf and s”? And how did they end up here?

By the way, “what is a christmas pollyanna?” anyway?

But my favorite search term this time around?

“shakespeare pig”

Like this. “Hamlet” heh.

Two, three, four…

“Yes, this is thriller!
Thriller night! ** 
And no one’s goin’ to save you  from the beast about to strike ” ***
* For RSM and Second Son
** And ya’ll thought Legos couldn’t dance. (Go to minute 8 for the dancing.)
*** No one except Jennifer Garner, of course. And who knew the beast was a lizard?

“Yes it’s thriller!”

Oh no, that last one’s too scary, even for me. The hair! The leg warmers! The voice!

Run for your lives!


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna has an announcement to make

  1. hand eye crafts

    Can you buy Shakespeare pigs at endless yard sales? Do you think Bruce Willis has a copy of “Thriller”? Maybe purchased at a yard sale. . .

    Oh, wow — these possibilities are mind-blowing.

  2. Anna-Liza

    I wonder what that Dancin’ Kim girl is doing now? Maybe she died of embarrassment in the late 90s? But she probably wouldn’t now, because those clothes are back. At Target even.

    Oh yes. They’re baaaaaaaaaack …

  3. lyda Post author

    That sounds like a good title for a Pollyanna book, doesn’t it? “Buying Shakespeare Pigs at the Endless Yard Sales of Doom”

    Maybe Dancin’ Kim has revived her career and is teaching a whole new generation how to disco.

    And yes. I noticed the clothes. That was me, running screaming from Target…


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