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Pollyanna and the Meme from the AntiM

Anna-Liza here, but Lyda will be joining me. We’ve been tagged for this meme, both of us individually. I think it’s fine for us each to supply our own list of weirdnesses, but I’m not sure if we know 14 people we can tag with this! So I’m sort-of-cheating by setting up this post, putting in my list of weirdness and some people to tag, then having Lyda add her own list and people.

This is Lyda, chiming in. I love joint posts. No, I don’t mean posts about marijuana. That would be a completely different meme…  

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and put the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 weird or random facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and link to their blog.
4. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a note on their blog.

Our Tagger – Marin

Hey, maybe we should have done each other’s lists. For Anna-Liza, I’d put “She can take any seemingly random or bizarre clothes, put them together, and create a look that is uniquely hers and absolutely stunning.” You, too, have this ability, grasshopper. You have merely to get your preconceptions out of the way. Geez, Lyda, you’re the one who spent a lifetime in theater. It’s all costume! Girl, you have so not looked in my closet lately. Or my mirror. Thrift stores, baby. And end-of-season clearance sales. Do it you can. There is no “try”.

Here’s my list (Anna-Liza):

1. I used to have a “thing” about my bras and panties matching. I had an enormous number a lot of matching sets, some with matching garter belts as well. Pregnancy and maternity panties and nursing bras sort of cured me of that … but not really. If I had the cash, I’d start collecting matching sets again in a minute and a half. (Unfortunately, my last set of pregnancies pretty much guaranteed I won’t be fitting into any of my already existing pretty bra-and-panty sets in this lifetime, or until I’m old and emaciated. Eww.)

2. I really do prefer milk chocolate to dark, for just a pure sensual chocolate-consuming experience. Cadbury’s milk chocolate, or, even better, Cadbury’s Flake (which I can’t find fresh over here). I know, I’m only a psuedo-hipster. On the other hand, I apparently have pretty decent taste in wine.

3. I’m a pretty good dancer, good sense of rhythm, coordinated, all that. However, get me near any game involving balls and I’m suddenly Captain Klutztastic. (“Games involving balls” includes pool, but not sex. Sex is like dancing. Just sayin’.)

4. I have 12 hours flight time logged toward my private pilot’s license. I’m seriously afraid of heights.

5. I cannot bear the sound of metal on metal. I have to leave the kitchen if VSH stirs something in a stainless steel saucepan with a metal spoon. Metal on glass is almost as bad.

6. I can take a nap almost anytime during the day, but I have trouble sleeping at night. If VSH has to be away for the night, I have to take a sleeping pill. 

7. I like my martinis made with good gin (Bombay Sapphire for choice) and with a twist of lemon peel–no olives and no “dirty martinis” for me. I think any drink that is not made with gin or vodka really shouldn’t be called a martini, even if it’s served in a martini glass. But I also like sweet, dessert-like drinks, so I’ll order a tiramisu “martini” without grumbling too much if I’m in the mood. (Bácaro in Boulder has a “Tiramisu Martini”. It’s decadent, delicious, and possibly crosses the line into depravity. But it’s not a martini.)

Here’s my list (Lyda):

When I asked him to think of some weird things about me, the Resident Sith Master said, “I don’t know where to begin.”

So, I guess I’m on my own…

1. I have a rule: I’m only allowed to start cleaning 20 minutes to an hour before someone is coming over. And yes, my house is tidy enough to get it in company shape in 20 minutes. Don’t hate me because I’m obsessed.  Before this rule came into being, I’d clean for twelve hours straight, which does not make for a good hostess. I’m pretty sure that Anna-Liza created this rule. Or my friend the Irish Beauty.

2. Ya’ll won’t be surprised that I’m obsessed with “Clean House“. But I’m also newly obsessed with “What Not to Wear“. Not that you could tell from my clothes. At all. Can I nominate myself for “What Not to Wear” or will I have to con   bribe  cajole one of you into it? ‘ Cause, really. I need the Fashion Police, people. It’s all black, folks, and she’s not any kind of Goth, by any stretch of the imagination.

3. I give RSM advice when he’s playing video games. Which is kinda like Mr. T. giving meditation lessons to the Dalai Lama.

4. I imagine myself in an alternate life as an interior decorator (when I’m not imagining myself as a rock star, but that’s not weird, that’s normal, right? But I digress). I love decorating shows, magazines, and books. And once again, you would not know this from my home. Champagne tastes, diet soda budget.

5. I have no sense of direction. I never know where I am. My siblings had to walk me to school every day – a trip of ten minutes with only one street to cross. This was embarassing in sixth grade when my little brother was the only sibling available.  To remember where north, south, east & west are, I have to picture a map of the USA. Seriously, when we were in college, she had to keep a notebook in her car with the directions to all the places she went to regularly. Even places she drove to every day.

6. I have a fear of heights, but I’m too stubborn to let on. I went off the high dive at the pool almost as often as everyone else, and at the theater I used to climb a wooden ladder to sit on a 2’x2′ platform and operate a spotlight – and not come down at intermission because I might be too scared to go back up.

7. The other night for dinner, I had four regular-size tomatoes, one cucumber, and an apple.

And then ice cream.

Because I can, ya’ll.

TAG, YOU’RE IT! The Pollyannas tag: Terri Lynn, Red, savanvleck, Jane, Karen M., Nancy G., and Betty! There you go, ladies, let your random weirdness flag fly!

Oh, BTW Jane, we can’t post comments on your blog because you have it set so that only people with Blogger accounts can post. So I hope you read this one!


Pollyanna Versus the Epic Fail

Lyda here. I’m very embarassed and ashamed to admit that I have FAILED.

Maybe not as badly as this, or this.  But a big failure nonetheless.

Why does that second one look so familiar…? Oh yes. Because that is the way my life is working right now. Or rather, not working.

And yes, I’d like some cheese with my whine, thankyouverymuch.

But I digress…

My epic fail? I missed the deadline for the Pollyanna Pay It Forward Challenge. And no, I can’t pretend I forgot it was coming up, because I knew.

So, in humble apology to  – and with special shout out to Jane who got me into this mess in the first place – I present this   hereby extend my Pay It Forward Challenge.

This Pay It Forward comes from this post on Jane’s blog, which came from Rachel whose blog address I don’t know.

The Meat of the Challenge:

All together now: TWELVE!! 

1) I will send a handmade item to the first 5 people who leave a comment on the original post. I’ve got 3 people signed up already, so there are two spots available.

2) You can leave hints in your comment about colors, themes, and the project you’d like. But the handmade item will be a surprise although I will listen to your desperate pleas, bwahahaha.  I have a plan, which may or may not come into fruition. But if you read my posts, you might get some hints from my favorite topics.

3) Once you comment, I will email you to get your mailing address.

4) You agree to continue the Pay It Forward Challenge on your blog. You post an entry and send the first five commenters a PIF item of your own creation.

5) You will receive something from me within 365 days. Because I missed the original October 31, 2008 deadline, I’m extending it and pledging to get the stuff to ya’ll by March 31, 2008 at the latest, and that means that two more folks can get in on the action. Debbie, you’re in, baby!

See this post for hints on what you’re likely to get, and to sign up.  Be sure to read the disclaimers and all that stuff like that there…

I tell ya’ll to read it partly because you need to know what you’re getting into.

But mostly because I think I’m funny.

Humor me, okay? It’s been a rough week  month  year…

Pollyanna Has a Little Lick Now and Then

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Just taking a break from the chaos in my house–Darlin’ K’s office is nice and peaceful. The house? Not so much. We’re watching three of our friends’ Gin ‘n’ Tonic’s four kids tonight, in exchange for which they’ll be taking ours tomorrow so we can go have a date. We’ll be seeing the new Bond flick. We always go see them in the theaters when they come out. One of our bonding rituals … heh.

I’m at a loss for any sustained topic for a post, so once again it’s pig-lickin’ time at Rancho Pollyanna. But that means, of course, I’ll have to come up with a bunch of unsustained topics, so you’ll just have to bear with me. I’m still somewhat brain-fogged, what with the cabin fever and the constant feeding of the convalescent-but-starving Mr. B. And I haven’t been out of the house much, so not so up on current events.

The other night, Mr. R went upstairs to get something and, a few minutes later, I heard a truly blood-curdling scream come from up there. After a moment of panic, it occurred to me that the scream had been more like “EWWWWWW!!!” than like “AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!!” I called “What’s wrong? What happened?” and in a truly tragic voice he replied, “I stepped in cat barf!”

I had to come out to Very Superior Husband’s office so I could laugh without Mr. R hearing me and being mortally offended. Then I went and cleaned up the cat barf while VSH helped him wash his feet. Poor kid. This could mean years of therapy.

Mr. B is off the steroids now (thankyoubabyjesus) and he’s a little easier to manage. His appetite is still going strong, though. He eats a bigger breakfast than I do. Than his dad does, even! And he keeps asking for bacon and for celery with ranch dressing. He’s going to BE a little piggy if this keeps up, all handy for licking. He likes his bedtime kisses, but I think he’ll probably object if I start licking him, actually ….

I am having the hardest time coming up with seven weird things about myself. It’s not that there aren’t any, it’s just that I tend to forget that these things are weird. Or else, if I remember they’re weird, they’re not fit to print in a family knitblog. Or both.

I do have a new knitting project. That lacy little scarf I mentioned a few posts ago is now on the needles. It’s the Stork’s Nest Scarf from last January’s Piecework. I got a skein of Kraemer’s Sterling Silk & Silver in the White Veil colorway, and I think this will be about a perfect match of yarn and stitch pattern. The silver (real silver!) glints in the yarn are pretty subtle. The silk/merino blend makes it lovely to touch. Darlin’ K says the yarn looks like fresh snow, and he’s right. Definitely a dressy winter scarf here, but I think it will be both warm and very light. I’ve only got about two and a half repeats knitted, but it’s a fairly easy chart and I have the first half of it pretty much memorized already.

What else? Knitting Sprite is in a band. They haven’t settled on a real name yet, but their first gig is on Tuesday at Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder, at the open mic night. KS is newish to playing guitar, but not to singing and she’s been playing cello with real talent since she was in middle school. I think she’ll do okay. I hope to get there to hear her, but it’s a work night and so it’s not definite. If you can go, please do! If you’ve met me, you’ll recognize her. She looks like me except younger, taller, and more curvy (in a good way).

Lyda has been giving me long-distance feng shui advice. After a lot of long phone discussions, I finally went and took pictures of every room in my house, from every angle I could think of, and emailed them to her! Haven’t heard from her since — I think she’s a little overwhelmed. However, the advice she’s given me so far has been terrific. Every room we’ve worked on feels a lot better. Our bedroom feels like a sanctuary now instead of just a place to sleep, and we have only just started working on it!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I am totally unprepared. This will come as no surprise, but really. I don’t even have my pumpkin pie makings on hand. I am in trouble.

Hm. Even for a pig-lickin’ post this seems sort of extra random and maybe kind of boring. Not a lot to report, though! We’re having a really beautiful November that only just turned chilly. I’ve been puttering around the house to the extent that Mr. B will let me, but he’s still pretty clingy and I haven’t gotten any big projects done or even really underway. Laundry and dishes, that’s about it. I can knit because I can do that while I sit on the couch with him and watch Kipper and The Powerpuff Girls … over and over and over again. I want to be Buttercup.