Pollyanna Plays in the Rain

Lyda here. Yes, the zombies haven’t gotten me yet. Although it was a close thing there…

You’ve got red on your shirt. Yes, I watched “Shaun of the Dead” last weekend.

“They’re coming for you, Barbara!”  I watched “Night of the Living Dead” last weekend too.

And a lot of other stuff like “Clean House” and “How Clean is Your House?”.

Take the “How Clean is Your House?” Quiz. And ya’ll thought Halloween was scary. And yes, I scored “gleaming”. Ya’ll are not surprised.

But I digress…

From all this, ya’ll will deduce that I was babysitting again.

Although yesterday, two gentlemen came over and hooked me up.

I mean, hooked my place up. It took a while, but now I can watch all that stuff on my own TV. And currentDoctor Who” episodes as well as reruns that I haven’t seen yet. And all kinds of other stuff.

(Guess what I did yesterday after the guys left? Yep. With cake.)

And I can also be on line at the same time as the Resident Sith Master. Which means when he is playing games on line, I can blog. “And there was much rejoicing.”  And yes, I can watch those guys too.

But I digress.

I woke today to rain. Wonderful, heavy rain. It had been raining for a while. And it only just stopped. Hopefully it will rain some more. I love the rain.

And even more since I moved to Drought Central, otherwise known as Southern California. I can’t even remember when it last really rained here, but it has been a looong time.

Do I love hearing my new neighbor practice his singing? Not so much.

Especially since today he is practicing Christmas songs.

Seriously scary, kids.

Be sure to send your Shaun of the Dead holiday e-cards early this year.


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