Pollyanna Works it Out

Lyda here.

I love my job.

Specifically, just in the last week I loved:

  • getting my first paycheck – shiny!
  • paying my rent on time (my landlady loves that too)
  • painting my office myself *
  • the office Halloween party **
  • finishing three projects before the due dates (so there!)
  • the way everyone keeps telling me how glad they are that I’m working there, and thanking me profusely for everything I do

I also like locking up at the end of the day – isn’t that weird? It makes me feel all trusted and valuable.

But mostly, it’s just fun setting the alarm. Fun in a James-Bond-geek way.

Although a grid of lasers does not appear all over the lobby.

But it does count down the time I have to escape the building before triggering the alarm.


* I love having my own office. Okay, the only window is one of those sliding-glass things for me to talk to the people in the lobby, because I do the receptionist stuff as part of my job, but it’s the first office of my own since I worked at Huge Educational Institute. But I digress… 

I painted the office myself, at no cost to my company or me, using paint and tools that were already there. Two walls are a soft very pale yellow (they look like a warm white, not yellow) and two are a soft very pale peach (they hardly look peach at all, except where they meet the yellow). Why? Because there wasn’t enough of either paint to do the whole room.

The subtle two-toned effect is exactly what a high-priced decorator would have done. Oh yes it is. Oh hush.  It works for me, it cost not a dime, and it was a good use of otherwise leftover paint. I’m all ecological like that.

And cheap. Don’t forget cheap.

** This place loves parties. It averages two parties a month, maybe more. Potluck parties. Ya’ll know I’m all about the FOOD.

This time, just for a change, I brought cake. Chocolate cake.

With Halloween peeps decorating it. 

It was going to be scary zombie peeps in a graveyard. I was going to alter the ghost peeps and cat peeps and make cookie gravestones and everything. I had elaborate plans, ya’ll, and all the supplies.

But my oven did not cooperate.

Ya’ll know what? Without heat, the batter does not turn into cake.

That’s your science fact for the day. You’re welcome.

I took the batter to work. The kitchen at work does not have an oven. And I was so sure it did… maybe the zombies took it. 

So I bought a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting at the grocery store, removed the frosting roses, and stuck the ghost and cat and pumpkin peeps on it with toothpicks. Also, there were hardly any peeps around this year – what’s up with that? And the pumpkin peeps were sugar-free.

Sugar-free Peeps.

You can’t make up stuff that weird, folks.

For the Halloween party, we also had a scavenger hunt, and I was one of the clues. Heh.

Plus, there was a costume contest.

I was a hippy zombie. Bell bottoms, fringed fake-suede boots, love beads, a headband, and a wild psychodelic poncho. One of the advantages of being a fabric addict is always having a length of fabric that will work for any costume.

I waved a protest sign that said “Hippie Zombies for Peace… a piece of your braaaiiiiinnn”.

Ya’ll are not surprised.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Works it Out

  1. savanvleck

    I do understand about locking up. I get a thrill locking up my own studio at night and I don’t have a neat alarm system. I also bought a cash register, when I opened my studio. I feel so grown up now.

    I think I need some office parties. Let’s see, there is me, and the dog. Hmmm! Small party. She doesn’t even like wearing a hat.

    Can you tell I am ultra tired?


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