Pollyanna Goes Around the World – Random Weirdness Alert!

Lyda here. Pollyanna has been busy lately. Singing. Picnicing. Wantonly creating new words.

Yep. It’s:

The Random Weirdness of Pollyanna

And about damn time.

1.) Apparently one of the Pollyannas has been on a picnic. In Canada. Anna-Liza, do you have something to tell us?  XUP is a very funny blog. And I’m totally stealing stuff from her bucket list for mine.

Oh wait – we haven’t published ours yet. Hey, Anna-Liza – can we publish it?

2.) When she’s not picnicing, Pollyanna is singing. And is sister to one of the Backstreet Boys. Only one degree of separation.

I feel a bit ill. That’s what she said.

3.) Apparently, some teens are pretending to be Pollyanna and putting out this zine. We can totally understand why teens would want to be as cool as we are.

But really, we have nothing to do with this zine.

Yes, I’m sure that Anna-Liza is not involved with this. She does not indulge in bad spelling and grammar, ya’ll.

4.) Anna-Liza might be connected to this Pollyanna, though. Because Anna-Liza is a style maven, ya’ll.

Back in the day, I totally could have rocked this dress. Mmm. Cashmere.  Should a dress cost this much? My whole wardrobe – if one could call the random assortment of clothing that I have a “wardrobe” – didn’t cost that much.

My psuedo-wardrobe is so bad that I think I need an intervention. Someone call “What Not to Wear” or something. Or just send me a marguerita via a cabana boy so I can forget…

But I digress…

5.) Even Doris Day wants to be Pollyanna. Just listen; it’s there.

6.) And Alanis Morissette has a Pollyanna flower.

Do I want to know what a Pollyanna flower is? Probably…


7.) Yep, all the girls want to be Pollyanna. But no one could out-Pollyanna Mary Pickford.

Unless it’s Haley Mills. Who, of course, had the advantage of speech. And color film.

8.) And all the boys want to be with Pollyanna. Even the MCRACKINS.

9.) However, Pollyanna has a dark side, and not only if you try to take her yarn. See: Pollyanna creep.

10.) So, you can see why some people think that Pollyannaism  has nothing to do with knitting, quilting, cake, or zombies.

The fools!

The blindly optomistic fools!


One thought on “Pollyanna Goes Around the World – Random Weirdness Alert!

  1. savanvleck

    I love XUP. I went to it when you posted this and was so delighted to find that, while I do not like cold weather, I would have a place to go should Sarah Palin win the election. Whew!! Now, I do not have to worry about packing for four more years.

    It is a seriously funny site though. Who would have expected less from the two of you.


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