Pollyanna Breathes a Sigh of Relief and a Big Prayer of Gratitude

Hi, Anna-Liza here, finally getting my head above water (for now, anyway).

So! Where’ve I been? Long story short, I’ve been staying with Mr. B at Boulder Community Hospital. He’s very much on the mend now, and we’re finally home, but he was hospitalized for pneumonia last Tuesday, and we finally were able to bring him home yesterday (Saturday).

This has been a strange time, both tedious and nerve-wracking. Parenthood is just chock-full of that kind of thing, but this one was pretty intense. He started out with what we thought was a cold but turned out to be a fairly mild ear infection. At first it was scary how docile he was, not fighting taking his medicine or nebulizer treatments or anything. Then, as he felt better (but not enough to be off oxygen), he didn’t want to stay in bed or take anything at all. He’s four and a half and almost as stubborn as I am, so it was quite tiring for everyone involved at that point.

The folks at Boulder Community’s pediatric center were wonderful. The room was pretty comfortable, which was a good thing, since we were there pretty much all the time for four and a half days. This is also one of the most beautiful hospitals I’ve ever seen. It’s a pretty new building and, from a patient’s point of view (or the parent of a patient) very well thought-out.

Don’t really need to go into all the details. It took him longer to recover to the point of being off the oxygen than we expected. We have a home nebulizer in case he needs it, and he’s still on antibiotics and steroids. Tell you what, a four-year-old on steroids is something you really don’t want to have to deal with if you can avoid it. Luckily, we’re expecting we can take him off those in a couple of days.

I’m still exhausted and not terribly coherent. It was a pretty strange experience. Even aside from anxiety about Mr. B (who was in very good hands), I just felt very disconnected from the world. We were so isolated, and I was pretty short of sleep. He usually woke up several times in the night and needed help to go to the bathroom, or the nurses needed help getting his medications into him, or he just wanted me to come sleep with him in his bed. Which I did. A regular-sized hospital bed can fit an adult and a small child in it, but not terribly comfortably for the adult.

Anyway, Darlin’ K (who really does deserve the epithet “Very Superior Husband”) came with Mr. R every evening. Wednesday he sent me to my regular Knit Night for a couple hours’ break. Friday, Zombie Son came to spell us both so we could get out together for a couple of hours, as well. We went to a friend’s wine tasting and talked about art and politics for a little while, then went back. Also a sort of strange experience.

By Friday, Mr. B was off oxygen while he was awake, but still needed it when he was sleeping … then Friday night he finally slept through the night without oxygen. He’s still not fully recovered, but I’m hoping he’ll be clear by his follow-up check on Monday.

Knitting? Of course I brought knitting. I read some, too, but couldn’t really concentrate on it much. I did a little more work on Eris and started and finished a hat using Yarn Harlot’s An Unoriginal Hat pattern, using a thick-and-thin yarn from Lorna’s Laces. It turned out pretty well, I thought, and eventually I’ll get pictures. But I think I’ll go take a nap after I post this and not worry too much about the pictures just now.

Oh, and I also took the ball winder and some unwound skeins, as Mr. B loves to help wind yarn and his meal table was a good one for clamping the winder. Only got two done–turns out that without the swift, even with me acting like a swift, it doesn’t work so well. He lost interest and I gradually finished the two skeins. But, you know, two down.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for where and when I live, with modern medicine and enough money/insurance to take advantage of it. Mr. B was on two different antibiotics, the steroids, oxygen, and the nebulizer treatments, while being constantly monitored. 100 years ago he wouldn’t have made it. Even 50 years ago, it would have been doubtful. Whatever the problems we have (and I agree that we have more than plenty), at least we don’t have to watch our children die from relatively simple diseases anymore. Well, we don’t if we bring in a certain level of income or above and have decent insurance. Now we just have to extend that privilege right to everyone.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Breathes a Sigh of Relief and a Big Prayer of Gratitude

  1. mintlatte

    Hey lady! Hang in there….
    DS did that to me when he was two. I was terrified.
    He is six now and there have been no further incidents, which I was kind of worried about. Glad to hear the little is on the mend 🙂

  2. hand eye crafts

    In complete agreement with you on health care being a “right.”

    And lots of good thoughts being sent your way. . .

  3. Anna-Liza Post author

    Thanks, y’all! It’s really nice to be home now. I’m hoping to be back at work next week! And “hand eye crafts”, I am proud to be a flaming liberal–it’s what made this country great, after all!


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