Pollyanna Says “Thank You” and “Hell Yes!”

Anna-Liza here. Thanks so much for your comments–Mr. B is doing a lot better. He’ll be staying home this week and, if his lungs sound clear and everything else looks good at his follow-up on Monday, he’ll be headed back to Pre-K next week.

Which means, of course, that I’ll be headed back to work next week. I don’t even want to think about what my desk looks like right now, or the state of my email inbox …

We’re watching a lot of movies borrowed from the library right now. The library’s only a couple of blocks from our house, which is one of the things I love about where we live! And I’m almost finished with the Monkey socks. I’m guessing you’re thinking “about freakin’ time, too, Pollyanna!” Yeah, well, me too. I have less than an inch to go on the toe! And then I need to finally get Eris done … although I might just cast on this lacy little scarf I have been looking at for a while now … I’ve got the yarn all wound up and everything …

Speaking of “about freakin’ time”, I went to check email this morning and saw this headline. I always thought Clinton wimped out with the whole “don’t ask/don’t tell” thing, although I could see why it ended up that way. Still, it is way past time to just do away with all this bullshit. Our military have a tough enough time as it is–time to remember that they are, in fact, all grown up and everything and can handle this.

Marin, I’m working on my weirdness list! In between dosing the boy with steroids and antibiotics and trying to keep up with his fully-restored appetite.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Says “Thank You” and “Hell Yes!”

  1. Marin

    First, a kid in the hospital has to be one of the unfunnest things in the world, so I’m sending good cheer and happy vibes for a bright recovery.

    Second, oh, sure, play the sick kid card. I don’t think that’s any excuse for not immediately putting up your seven weird things.

    I’m so kidding it’s not funny, which means I should probably shut up before I get too far behind.


  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    Thanks, Marin! At the moment, I seem to be spending almost all of my time shoveling food into the baby bird’s mouth. He’s napping now, which is why I have five minutes to check comments and maybe add to my list …
    Lyda! Are we both doing the same post? I’ll check the drafts …


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