Pollyanna and the Really Cool Selvage Treatment

Hi, Anna-Liza here. That title is how you know this is still a knitblog. At least sometimes.

A friend gave me a pattern for mousie slippers for kids. It’s a pretty basic pattern and fairly old–it mentions Orlon yarn. However, it has a selvage treatment I’ve never run across before, and it is quite elegant. So I’m going to blog about it and even show pictures. I am aware that I’m quite possibly risking serious contempt when other, more experienced knitters read this (supposing they do) and say, “Oh, Pollyanna, how could you not know about that? Every knitter knows that!!”

However, I’m just going to have to risk it, because if this is something not generally known, it should be. And I figure there have to be at least a few knitters out there who don’t know about this.

Or maybe all of you know about this and I’m just a dork. But you know, I’m just a dork anyway, so I’m used to it.

So this selvage treatment. This is for the edge of the knitting that will show as the upper edge of the opening of the slipper, not an edge that will be seamed. The directions are so simple.

When you finish knitting your row, instead of knitting the last stitch, you bring your yarn forward between the stitch you just completed and the last stitch in the row, then you slip the last stitch purlwise. Then, when you turn your work to do the next row, you knit the first stitch through the back loop. (These mousie slippers are mostly garter stitch, so it’s always knitting. I want to experiment with this edge on stockinette).

That’s all. But the result is just beautiful. What you get is an edge with the knit stitches turned outward 90 degrees to make a nice square edge, very neat, very finished looking. And no need to add an edging of any kind. I don’t know how well these pictures will show what I mean, but see?



And this is why I didn’t try taking more and better pictures.



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