Pollyanna and the Last Minute Shopping

Hey, Anna-Liza here. Not much of a post–too busy. You’re probably too busy to be reading this.

Got most of my shopping done. The only immediate family member who has me stumped is Zombie Son. What do you buy a professional zombie whose hobbies you know very little about? Might have to be a gift card, although I’d love to come up with something else.

I’ll post about the Christmas Tree Hunt this weekend, and the interesting quilts and afghans that live up at the cabin. VSH even took pictures of them!

I’m wondering, if I started today, could I have knitted washcloths done for all of VSH’s female relatives by Christmas? (Ssshhh … don’t disturb the delusional knitter!)


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Last Minute Shopping

  1. Red

    Depends on the number for “all” and whether you’ll be exclusively knitting. I find focus can help. It can also burn out a gal. Make sure you have fun too!

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    I’m thinking, aunt, grandmother, 2 cousins, two washcloths each. But no, not exclusively knitting. I have two more-than-full workdays plus housecleaning, gift wrapping, a little more shopping, etc. (If you are able to “exclusively knit” over a weekend, I envy you!)

    So maybe one washcloth each? Let’s see … I have a half washcloth done …

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  4. lyda

    Girlfriend – step away from the insanity! 4 washcloths might possibly be do-able, if you were able to sit quietly and work on them. With all the stuff you mention, I’d be surprised if you even got to sit down!

    And now I have to go work on the gifts I’m making (says the pot)…


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