Pollyanna and the Snow, Mountains, Christmas Trees, & Quilts

Hi y’all, Anna-Liza here. I promised a post about snow, mountains, Christmas trees, and quilts, so here goes. (Okay, I only mentioned the Christmas trees and the quilts, but the rest goes along with it.)

We were supposed to do the annual Christmas Tree Hunt the weekend of Thanksgiving, but it was snowing too much. The road up to the cabin is terrifiying in parts a little bit scary even on a warm summer’s day, but it’s impassible when it’s snowing. (Once it stops and the county plows the road, it’s okay. No, really, as long as you have at least front-wheel drive and maybe snow tires.)

So we went on December 6th instead. The cabin has been in VSH’s family since the 1930s and they renovated it in the early ’90s. The renovation included really good insulation, putting a new foundation under the stone fireplace and adding a wood stove insert, but not adding electricity or running water. I should mention that I am personally against the idea of having electricity up there, and running water is more expense than it’s worth. They did improve the outhouse, which is nice.

the outhouse

If you’re unfamiliar with our little tradition, every year we invite friends to come up with us to cut Christmas trees, hang out in nature, and partake of hot drinks and snacks in the cabin. It’s a really fun day, and we’ve had everything from hardly any snow to snow up to my knees. This year was a medium amount of snow.

We went up the night before so we could prepare for the day. The place was 20°F when we got there. The fire and the propane heater got it up to, oh 45°F or so by the time we got to bed. It was nice and toasty by morning. Here are the quilts (and one afghan) that live up there, under which we snuggled all night.

bright 9-patch quilt

blue and white quilt

granny square afghan

This one’s my favorite:

wedding ring quilt

I made a hearty breakfast, eggs and pancakes, bacon and coffee, to warm us up and stoke our energy for the day.

me in Japanese pajamas

Hey, those pajamas were a gift, okay? They’re Japanese. And they’re really warm (the colors might help with that).

Here’s what I was looking at while I was eating breakfast:

cabin window

We had several families come up, kids and dogs included. I kept pretty busy dispensing hot water, cocoa, and coffee and helping look after the kids who were too small to go out tree hunting with the older ones. Here’s a blurry picture of the inside of the cabin at peak attendance:

full cabin

Mr. R did go out tree hunting with his dad, and he picked out our tree, cut it down, and dragged it back to the cabin all by himself. VSH was very, very proud of him, as was I. It’s a very nice tree and Mr. R was pretty excited that he could do all of that.

I did get a few more pictures. Here they are, whether you’re here in Colorado enjoying the snowy weather with me, or you’re somewhere warmer and just want to enjoy some snowy, Christmas-y images!

welcome to the cabin

view from the porch

the path to the outhouse

If you hold your cursor over the image, you can see the name of the picture.

Happy Snowy Holidays!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Snow, Mountains, Christmas Trees, & Quilts

  1. lyda

    Quilts – beautiful. Kids – adorable. Cabin in the snow – postcard perfect. Is this more of the Campaign to get Lyda to Move to Colorado??? (And if so, where are the pictures of gorgeous available men??)

  2. Marin

    I think the jammies are spiffy. If I were braver, I’d post pictures of me in my fuschia-and-black leopard spotted bunny jammies. Mostly because you’d get where my taste is coming from.

    Oh, Lyda… there are dozens of gorgeous available men here in Colorado. A-L just doesn’t keep them under her Christmas tree.


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