Pollyanna Raises a Toast

Happy New Year from the mountains west of Colorado Springs! We’re up here with a group of friends, sledding (okay, that was earlier, in daylight), drinking sparkling cider and checking our astrological forecasts for 2009. Looks like we’re in for a really … interesting … year, y’all. Saturn is opposite Uranus and squares Pluto, and we all know what that means!

Okay, I know, we don’t. Trust me, it will be quite a shakeup as we all reexamine power, power structures, power sources, and our own relationships with them and integrity about how we use our own.


2009 is a pivotal year for Capicorns, girlfriend, continuing the major shifts of 2008. Anywhere you may have been living in opposition to your own principles? Clean it up, babe. You’re getting ready for the next phase of your life.

To quote VSH’s New Year’s toast, here’s to health, happiness, and the good friends and family to share them.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Raises a Toast

  1. lyda

    Thank you all! It was wonderful – we got Chinese take-out and watched movies at home in the dark all day. Perfect. (Although I forgot the cake. Me. Crazy Cake Lady. I’m getting old, ya’ll.)


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