Pollyanna Posts Again!!

Lyda here. Yes, still around, still weird. Sorry for the long random silence. It’s been harder to get time and energy for posting, for various boring reasons I won’t, well, bore you with.

So anyway…

The Resident Sith Master and I had a wonderful and quiet holiday, and Santa was really great to us. He brought RSM video games (big surprise there) and arranged for me to get what I wanted most: time with my son.

Santa also gave me something that I recommend to every pet owner: the Furminator. Ya’ll have to check out the demos on that site. See the one with the cat? Yeah. It’s like that. And no, I did not spin it into yarn. Although it was really soft…

Santa really understands the cleaning-obsessed cat-lover that I am. Although this would be great for people who hate to clean – get the fur off the pet and keep it off everything else.

And Tommy should have fewer fur balls – so it’s a present for him too.

Although I’m not sure the Sith Apprentice Cat appreciates it.



3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Posts Again!!

  1. Red

    Please don’t become one of those pet hair spinning people! THis woman spun her golden retriever’s hair and knit a golden retriever on a pillow and now that the dog is gone she feels it’s a memorial. CREEPY!

  2. lyda Post author

    Red, I hereby promise not to ever ever become a pet hair spinning/knitting person. That’s just too weird, even for me.

    savanvleck, Tommy so far does not think it is a gift, but a curse. But at least it isn’t motorized or noisy. (He hates the vacuum and the blowdryer, so in order to preserve my own skin, I’d never get him a motorized brush.)


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