Pollyanna Counts to Twelveness

This was supposed to be posted on January 6th. I’m a few days late and a few dollars short. Story of my life. That’s what he said.

Lyda here. Since it’s the Twelth Day, we bring you:

Pollyanna’s Twelve Days of
Random Weirdness!

Sing along, ya’ll…

On the twelveth day of Weirdness, Pollyanna gives to you:

Twelveness from the Twelve Queen

Eleventy Noodly Appendages *

Ten  favorite zombies

 Nine Well-Lived Lives

  Eight Stairs to Slink Down

Seven Words You Can Never Say  (language warning!!)

 Six Comedians Riffing

 Five      Fluffy       Ducks!

Four Mood Chocolate Flavors **

 Three Fishy Hats

 Two-Thousand-Year-Old Braaaiiiiiinssssss 

And A    Goat     in         an      Argan        Tree *** !!!!!

* All hail FSM! Check out some more geeky and just weird ornaments. (Warning – some adult content.)

**  Really. Intentional Chocolate. All infused with peace and love and whatnot. (I told ya’ll to read Awareness Magazine online! It was in this issue… But I digress…)

*** More about argan trees and goats. And you thought goats were just for fiber.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Counts to Twelveness

  1. lyda Post author

    Queen and Saint – all hail Her Twelveness!

    When I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes I blog. And deal with my Zombie Army, of course. (I blame the waking on the Sith Apprentice Cat. I tell ya’ll, he’s trying to kill me.)


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