Pollyanna Wants CAKE!!!!!

Lyda here.

Monday I tripped and fell at work. At night. When I was the only one in the building.

Tuesday I spent two-and-one-half hours at the worker’s comp clinic so that the young whippersnapper doctor could tell that my foot is only sprained and I should put ice on it – and he only gave me ibuprofen.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked full-out and full-time. Thursday and Friday will be the same.

What, no good drugs?

No all-expenses trip to Hawaii to recouperate?

No cabana boys??

No margueritas???


I’m going to have to turn this over to my legal representatives.

Here they are now.

Lord of the Rings Cast
more lol celebs!


8 thoughts on “Pollyanna Wants CAKE!!!!!

  1. lyda Post author

    but, hand eye crafts, the cake is not where it belongs – in my hand heading toward my mouth!

    Marin, you are the awesomeness. Drugs and cake – excellent combo!

  2. SaVanVleck

    We need a recipe for a Margureita Cake. Although, mom’s mayonnaise cake is really moist. So is the Harvey Wallbanger Cake, and the Fruit Cocktail cake. An Atomic cake is the best though. Banana cake (using baby banana food instead of the artificial taste of Banana cake mix) and then a layer of bananas, White cake with a strawberry filling layer, Chocolate cake with frosting. Lots of sweet, sinful frosting.

    I’ll settle for Hot chocolate with chili powder in it and some gingersnaps. Gosh, it’s cold in Indiana.

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  4. lyda Post author

    Hey, Marguerita Cake! What a great idea!

    savanvleck, My first preference is chocolate cake, but I’m willing to try all the ones you listed. CAAAKKKEEEE!!!

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