Pollyanna Meanders Through the Random Weirdness Mall

Lyda here. Definitely time for another Random Weirdness Post.

The Random Weirdness of Humans – Consumer Edition

A Robot Toilet Paper Holder. Thanks to Tina Roth Eisenburg, curator of the site Swiss Miss, who seems to be as much of a fan of silliness as the Pollyannas. Lookie what made her smile.

If you are bored with the usual kitchen decor, how about a print from Marc Johns  of twelve badass mayonnaise jars? Or perhaps you prefer skateboarding sandpipers? (You can click on the pictures to embiggen.)

Check out this ViewMaster Mirror from Fun By Design . $150.oo?! Gasp! And I love the Cupcake Seat. Both best illuminated by a Gummi Bear light, of course.

But I’m sure that Gorgeous and Available Engineer Brother would prefer this Pac Man Ghost light.

That site lead me to bazar design, where I found these roadkill doormats.

Is it horrible that I like them? Is it sick that they are inspiring me to create Xmas ornaments similar to them?

Or maybe Black Valentines cards… hmmm. 

Yes. Yes it is sick.

Quick, distract them with the Night and Day glasses.


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