Pollyanna Has Her Cake and Eats it too

Lyda here. This post is VERY overdue. My apologies, Marin!

Ya’ll may remember that a bit ago I was whining about the lack of cake in my life among many other things.

The other day I got an email from my hopefully-future sis-in-law (yes, I’m still hoping she marries Gorgeous-And-Available Engineer Brother, don’t rain on my parade, ya’ll – but I digress…) saying:

“You have probably received the cake by now…”

And I was puzzled mightily…

That same day, I came home to find a small box sitting on my doorstep.

And the return address? Our own Anti-M herself.

Naturally I rushed to open this important package.

And inside?

You guessed it.



Oh yes she did.

That’s right, ya’ll.

Anti-M mailed me a slice of cake.

She is insane.

But in the very best way.

Thanks again, Marin! It was delicious, and I could hardly eat it for laughing so hard. You made my month!

And yes, I took pictures. I’ll share with ya’ll when I get them developed.


One thought on “Pollyanna Has Her Cake and Eats it too

  1. Marin

    You’re quite welcome.

    Sometimes I get a notion in my head and it can’t be left. Can’t. And I end up at the post office trying to decide how to answer “is there anything fragile, perishable or potentially hazardous.”

    And you know I’m hoping you’ll pass on to GAE brother what an excellent cook I am…


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