Pollyanna’s Life Is (Almost) Completely Disrupted …

… and yet she knits on …

Oh my lord, no posts for how long? Lyda and I have been most remiss. (Lyda, we’re remiss. Remember it.)

Anna-Liza here, if you couldn’t tell. We haven’t been swallowed by a giant crack in the earth’s surface, nor have we been abducted by aliens … well, not recently, anyway … we’re just working working working. And ya know, spending eight hours a day on a computer makes blogging in the evenings and on weekends somewhat less attractive than, in Lyda’s case, cleaning the bathroom again or, in my case, babysitting about 30 kids. Or six, including mine, if I actually count. In my 1,000 sf home. Earplugs. Earplugs are a major sanity saver.

Anyway, the almost complete disruption is pretty much due to a good thing, if still very discombobulating. VSH has a new job that involves a longer commute. Now it takes him about 50 minutes’ driving time as opposed to a minute or so walking from the kitchen to his office in the garage. We’ve had to rearrange our entire schedule, changing who takes which kid to where, and the same for pickups in the evening. We’re also all in dire need of sleep, so we’re trying to stay on schedule in the evenings, getting the kids to bed no later than 8:30 and pretty much going to bed ourselves as soon afterward as we can manage. And, of course, weekend time is now even more at a premium, since I can’t do things like go to the grocery store on the way home from work anymore.

Phew! This is all good–he’s happy with the job, says it’s enough of a stretch to be an enjoyable challenge without being overwhleming. It takes a lot of pressure off financially, too. Not all, but a lot. But … discombobulating.

In the meantime, I have been managing to get some knitting done. I mentioned getting Eris done except for the blocking. That’s still the case. VSH is absolutely sure he has a piece of styrofoam insulation that will be perfect for a blocking board for a sweater this size … but he has yet to find it. I did manage to remember to buy more pins, however.

I have three quarters of a pair of Fetching done, in Queensland Uruguay DK in a lovely plum color. I don’t have the ballband handy, but trust me, it’s lovely. These are for me, because I sit near a large window at work and when it’s freezing outside, it’s damn near freezing at my desk.

I also have yet another dishcloth on the needles, for conversational knitting, and still am working on the Storks Nest Scarf. But I’m getting the urge to pick up the Cabled Rib Cardigan I started ages ago for VSH. I think, once I’ve got the pair of Fetching done, that’s what I’ll do. Not very portable, that, what with the yarn being on a large cone, but I think it will be okay if I stick the whole thing in a shopping bag of its own. It’s fine for conversational knitting for quite some time, once I get the hang of doing the cables without a cable needle again. The Uruguay is just too slippery for me to manage it on Fetching. The silk and alpaca is lovely to touch, but I drop stitches like crazy when I try the cables without a cable needle.

Maybe I can get the cardi done in time for him to wear it … next fall. Stop laughing, it’s not at all becoming. No, really!


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