Pollyanna Knows Where Her Towel Is

Lyda here. I’ve got some news that might make you freak out.

As of right now, there’s only 98 shopping days until Towel Day.


Amazingly, there are still appropriate towels aplenty on the cosmic innernetting.

Such as this one.

Of course, you can knit your own towel. Like this one.

And you can carry your towel in this bag. Yup, there’s room for your knitting, too.

As for what to wear on this all-important day, there is a “Don’t Panic” shirt. Or maybe you want the “Don’t Panic” thong. Funny on a first date too. Or is that just me? 

Or a “Mostly Harmless” t-shirt, which, knowing ya’ll, would be appropriate all year round. Or a “Disaster Area” concert t-shirt.

Any one of which would be good for going to bars looking for the perfect Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Or a cup of something “almost, but not quite, exactly unlike tea”. Which you could drink out of this mug. Or your Milliways mug, of course.

But how will you keep track of time until Towel Day?

With this clock, of course.

And if you are wondering what I’m doing posting at this hour, just remember: “time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so.”


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