Pollyanna Gets Her Ducks in a Prioritized Row

Lyda here.

I have to share this cool little thing with ya’ll. In case you have your own ducks to prioritize…

You can prioritize up to 15 things at a time with The Prioritizer.

Sure, you can prioritize your financial goals. Or your work projects. But you can also prioritize your knitting / quilting / felting / spinning / basket-weaving / whatever-floats-your-boat projects.


The Prioritizer
Here is the rank order of these items based on your answers.

Rank/Item Score
1. make 3 Pay It Forward gifts 100
2. fringe the Resident Sith Master’s scarf 87.5
3. finish the second grand-nephew quilt 75
4. make new pillow covers for living room 62.5
5. quilt and bind Heart Quilt 50
6. do library bag project 37.5
7. make wall quilt for my bedroom 25
8. frog weirdly shaped semi-afghan 12.5
9. knit a SMALL baby quilt 0
#1 has a March deadline!
#2 was a Christmas present, and still needs fringe!
#3 was started in July, and I must finish it and send it off!
#4 – I have the fabric, so it should not take long.
#5 Geez, has she still not finished that Heart Quilt?
#6 If it turns out well, there may be more as gifts in the future, so no hints.
#7 It’s been a long time since I made something just for me and me alone.
#8 & #9 I’ll knit the baby blanket with the yarn from the semi-afghan, and donate it to the children’s hospital. Unless another grand-nephew or niece shows up by the time I get to the end of this list!

See? Now it’s easy to see which projects to work on. I’ve been using this for a month or so, and I’ve found it really helpful. Although it doesn’t keep me from putting the things I WANT to do before the items that I NEED to do. And ya’ll may notice that the top items on my list are for other people. The wall quilt for my own room is pretty far down on the list.

I use this to prioritize errands, chores, and so on. It would be fun to prioritize vacation destinations – hmm, should I go to Hawaii or Paris first? Or big-ticket items – should I buy a Rolls or a second home? In fact, it would be fun to think up the wildest items, and prioritize them: Which would you most like to do, go to the moon or win the Pulitzer Prize?

And of course I prioritize my cleaning projects.

Okay, am I the only one who needs to prioritize cleaning projects?

**cricket cricket cricket**

Okay then.

I’m probably the only one who has “clean keyboards, monitors and phone” on my computer’s calendar too.

Repeating monthly.

With a pop-up reminder.


It is a sickness, ya’ll.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Gets Her Ducks in a Prioritized Row

  1. Anna-Liza

    Hey, if you didn’t have the reminder, you’d probably go all OCD about it, so that’s a good thing, right? Keeping you from going bonkers with the keyboard cleaning?

    Okay, I will admit I’ve *never* even thought about cleaning my keyboard, except for puffing compressed air over it …

  2. lyda Post author

    I wish I had pop-up reminders on my computer at home, but I only have that program at work.

    The Prioritizer helps a lot with the obsessive stuff – shows me what I need to work on, as opposed to what I’m obsessing about.

    When I’m sane enough to look at the list, of course…


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