Pollyanna Knows…

what evil lurks in the heart of men.

Oh yeah, baby, Pollyanna knows.

Not from recent experience, ya’ll understand. But this Pollyanna, she does remember. And those memories warm her days, and disturb her nights.

Lyda here. As ya’ll have probably guessed.

I have so much to post, but to be really perverse, I’m posting a review of a book I only just checked out of the library and haven’t even finished reading:

“Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?” by Jena Pincott

This book addresses (mostly the hetero woman’s) questions about sex, love, and attraction with scientific answers.

Questions like “Why do some men smell better to you than others?” Grooming aside, if he smells good to you, he may have MHC gene variants that are mostly different from yours, which gives your potential offspring a stronger immune system. And your brain can tell that from the smell of his sweat. See this article for more details.

 And “What’s the strongest signal you can use to get someone’s attention?” Your mother was right on this one: look directly at the person and smile. It signals interest and friendliness, which signals approachability and also – how does Mom do it?makes you more attractive to him. Or to her – this one works no matter whose attention you want.

I love science.

And so does your Mom!

“Can semen make you happier?”

Ignore the book’s answer.

Pollyanna says:

It depends on the smell.

And the seamen in question.


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