Pollyanna Wants You to Learn from Her Mistakes

Anna-Liza here, at long last. Well, I was knitting merrily away on Darlin’ K’s Cabled Rib Cardigan, and I suddenly realized that I had made a pretty obvious (i.e. visible) mistake. Well, we can’t have any of that! So I fixed it. I remembered that, in doing this, I had some promising blog fodder that was actually knitting-related. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take pictures until after I’d ripped out the mistake, but the general idea is this:

Pretend you’ve been knitting away on some nice cables which are very predictable, no weird stuff, but the whole beauty of the pattern is in its symmetry. And then, while talking to friends or trying to look like you’re paying attention in a company meeting (ahem), you decide to knit some more on this nice, just-complex-enough-to-not-be-boring-but-simple-enough-you-can-have-a-conversation pattern. And you’ve forgotten your reading glasses, and the lighting’s not the best, but you know the pattern so well that you’re not too worried. And by “you”, I mean “me”.

So the next time you (I) pick up your (my) nice, even, predictable cabled-rib rectangle, you notice that three of the cabled ribs don’t look so much like ribs. In fact, three cables have wandered far over to the right, spilling themselves into other ribs that already had their own nice cables, and generally making a nuisance of themselves to all around them. Sort of like anyone who wanders too far to the right or left … but I almost digress.

So then you’re just going to have to rip back. I mean, I had to. And, lazy  efficient and reckless skilled knitta that I am, I didn’t rip back whole rows of carefully and well-done cabling. I just ripped back the ribs that needed to be fixed. Like so:


Yes, that is a stitch holder holding the ripped-back stitches. I’m not that reckless! And that’s the kind that’s like a DPN with a stretchy keeper that fits over both ends. I like that kind because you can knit off it from either end, and if you’re directionally challenged at all, it doesn’t matter which way you load it up.

So the next step is to carefully pick up the appropriate strand of yarn and reknit each row with the correct stitches, so the cables stay in their respective ribs. I will mention that I made sure I had good lighting and my reading glasses when I did it. This is a bit tedious, but not nearly as tedious as ripping back the whole thing and knitting it all up again, accompanied by great wailing and gnashing of teeth. In fact, once you’ve done it, you’ll feel really, really clever. Like so:


Can’t even tell there was a problem, can you? No, I thought not. Now, clever as this was, I will say I’d rather I hadn’t had to do it … but I also should say I’m really glad to know that I can do it. Since I am under no illusion that I’ll never make that kind of mistake again.

Especially if I insist on knitting with kittehs in my lap.



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