Pollyanna’s love affair with Sean

Lyda here. It’s been a while. I’ve been spending at lot of time on the computer at work, and less on the computer at home. The good news is, I’m doing the company newsletter and having fun with the design and such. The bad news is about my lack of money, and ya’ll have heard that whine before, so let’s just not go there.

So… I’ve been doing things to take my mind off the bad stuff. Like watching a lot of TV. Reviews to come of various shows and movies. And reading. Book reviews. At some point.

I’ve watched “Sean of the Dead” twice… well, three times… okay,  five times, what?… in the last month or two. The movie is a masterpiece, ya’ll. Seriously, I don’t care what kind of film you usually like, you need to see this movie. If you are really squeamish, you’ll only have to look away at one point near the end – the rest of the zombie killing involves blood but not much gore, and is mostly played for laughs. “Sean” is unbelievably funny, no matter how many times I watch it. And this movie is so well-written. There are all kinds of subtle social comments – the first scenes show people (working, riding the bus, walking the streets) whom you later see as zombies, and really, you can’t tell the difference in their lives before and after death. And there’s a great sequence the first morning – when Sean walks to the store and back – that is repeated with subtle changes the next morning. For example, a man runs past Sean both mornings, the first time jogging, the second time running in terror. The entire scene is like that, and Sean’s reactions are priceless.

Really, this movie needs to be seen more than once to appreciate it.

It does for zombies what “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” did for Arthur, and what “The Princess Bride” did for sword fighting.

But I digress…


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