Pollyanna Purges the Past

Lyda here.

I’ve been using The Prioritizer and it is helping me get things done. Case in point, on Saturday I shipped a box to Anna-Liza. Okay, it was Xmas presents, but the point is, I finally sent it.

Also, I can report an F.O. I finished the fringe on the scarf I made for the Resident Sith Master. (See, still a kniting blog. Pictures to follow when I get the film developed.) Fine, yes, another Xmas present. What’s your point?

And I did something else that has been on my list a long time. Years, really.

Friday night, the living room was full of young men – no, the fleet didn’t come in, darn it all – RSM had friends over for a night of video game mayhem – so I went out to the garage and got some stuff done.

Organized and sorted through clutter.

I know, ya’ll are thinking: Lyda has clutter?? Of course I do. It’s just that my clutter is mostly tucked away and kind of… well… organized. And yes, my clutter piles are smaller than some people’s. Okay, most people’s.

But it’s still clutter.

And now some of it is gone. Most significantly, I got rid of the last two boxes of my old teaching materials.

Ya’ll may remember, I taught Montessori preschool for seven years, back before my son was born. And I loved it. But I haven’t taught preschool in over twenty years. I held onto these things all this time. Moved the boxes twice, each time without opening them. 

Why did I keep those last boxes for twenty years?

So much of myself had gone into teaching, into making those supplies and creating those manuals. A lot of my identity was tied up with being a teacher. I thought I would go back to teaching. I felt that I should go back. Later, I felt guilty for not wanting to go back.

But I know I won’t be teaching preschool again. I don’t feel guilty about it any more. It was time to let it all go.

I boxed up most of the items to give to a friend of mine who is (still) a preschool teacher. I piled up the books to donate. I bagged the papers to recycle.

I kept one copy of my teaching thesis. I kept some seashells that I always had in my classroom. Everything else is gone.

And one more part of my life is cleaner and clearer.

Sometimes a lot of clutter gets swept away in one huge purge.

And sometimes clutter disperses one or two boxes at a time.

Whatever works.


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