Pollyanna Hangs out with Alice… again

Lyda here. I’ve got progress to report toward completing Pollyanna’s Reading in Wonderland Challenge.

I finished Challenge # 10:

  • Oh my fur and whiskers!”:  Read a children’s or young  adult book. It can be something you loved as a child, or one you’ve never read. Great books can get missed because they are considered kid’s books.

It seemed fitting to revisit Alice for this challenge. Since my childhood copy literally fell apart a few years ago – literature, literally , get it? – I went to the library and checked out “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. They didn’t have the classic edition, so I checked out this edition, which has selected illustrations from a wide variety of artists. I’ll admit to a preference for the original artwork, but I enjoyed seeing all the different  interpretations of Wonderland’s wild characters.

The book is just as weird and wonderful as I remembered, and of course lost nothing for being the zillionth time I’d read it.

And now I feel like searching for fun Alice stuff.

Like these buttons, and these

And these Alice matryoshka nesting dolls with a big and little Alice.

And the Cheshire cat black light poster . Groovy, man.


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