Pollyanna Does some Randomly Weird virtual shopping

Lyda here. Cheering myself up with some Random Weirdness virtual shopping.

I’ve been browsing Plasticland, just because. Not that I’ll buy anything, but ya’ll know I love to browse. They have some fun magnets – pin up girls, and domestic bliss, and gnomes .  And “inflatable” pin cushions  and off-beat fiber-related books – like this punk knitting book . And trivets that look like 45 records. And skull print panties.

But the problem with this is that I could almost talk myself into buying some of those.

So, let’s find some things that will NOT tempt me to pull out my credit card. How about a kitteh quilt? Nope, that’s pretty tempting.

How about some weird shopping?

Where on Earth? has some pretty strange stuff. Like: A second car for Marin. And plenty of alien stuff that I can pass up. I’ll never be tempted to buy moose poop earrings.

But these carvings are absolutely beautiful and way too tempting…

Moving on…


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Does some Randomly Weird virtual shopping

  1. Marin

    I suppose Greenpeace is trying to make a point with that car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me ashamed of my gas consumption… it just makes me want a big ol’ pig car.


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