Pollyanna and Beautiful, Funny Moments

Hey, Anna-Liza here. I’ve had some really funny, lovely moments occur here and there recently, and they’re just too good to keep to myself.

These all happened in downtown Loveland, where I work. This is the “old town”, right by the old train depot (which is now a sports bar). I work in what was originally a very Deco style bank building, built just before the Great Crash. It’s a pretty interesting place, with a great mix of businesses, residences, and people.

So, each of these things happened while I was out walking on Fourth Street. The first moment, was as I was walking back to the office after having enjoyed a little time knitting in the sun on my lunch break. On the corner opposite the office, there was a dancing gorilla! Okay, a person in a gorilla suit, wearing BIG headphones, holding a sign for a local tattoo parlor … and dancing. Dancing pretty well, too. Apparently a bunch of people got all huff about how that wasn’t “the right image” for downtown Loveland, but I thought it was beautiful/funny, which is one of the combinations I particularly enjoy.

The second was as I was walking to the parking lot where I keep my car, after work. On the way, I happened to glance into an empty storefront (which used to be a really great fish shop–I was sad when they closed). Standing a few feet back from the window, was a six-foot tall statue of … a dancing turtle! There seems to be a theme here, but I’m not sure exactly where it’s going. I took a look again yesterday — turtle’s still there.

The most recent one is also the one I thought was most beautiful/funny. Again, walking to my car after work. I passed one of the little bars which has a patio area in front. A couple of guys were out on the patio, talking animatedly as they enjoyed their beer and cigarettes. One was a really burly guy. He had on a tight t-shirt (hard to imagine him finding one that would be loose), a do-rag on his shaven head, and tattoos. The other guy was tall, pretty skinny, shaggy hair and beard, leather vest, tattoos. Yeah, the kind of guys some of my girlfriends think of as “scary” and others think of as “hot”. (Me, I think they’re … guys).

So I couldn’t hear them when I first saw them, but as I came closer the thin guy was telling his friend about a book, “It’s a hardback, but it’s all beat up and dogeared and stuff already”. The burly guy replied, “Yeah, I really like Jamie Oliver, too.” And the thin guy said, “Well, Bobby Flay’s still my favorite.”

Heh. So much for stereotypes.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna and Beautiful, Funny Moments

  1. lyda

    I love that stuff – moments of random beautiful/funny stuff, tiny slices of weirdness, odd things that are the opposite of what might be expected… but of course ya’ll all know that, and none knows it better than my BFF.

  2. Jane

    Hello – you may remember me? I’ve been off for quite a while but stopped by to catch up on you guys. I always love your posts.
    I may actually get back to blogging soon. But know that I AM ‘the phantom reader’ – she comes, she reads, she leaves.


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