Pollyanna Saves the Day

Lyda here. Two stories to tell you.

First story:

Ya’ll know we record a lot of shows here at TeeVee-R-Us. RSM and I both love “Bones” and “Smallville”, of course, and now we are watching “Star Trek: Enterprise”  episodes again. Friday night, a Vulcan character mentioned Surak in passing. RSM said, “Who’s Surak?” and I said, “Oh, he’s the Vulcan Father of Logic.”

RSM said I get major geek points for knowing that.

I know ya’ll want to congratulate me on the geek points.

Second story:

Saturday, the Resident Sith Master and I were driving along a residential street, and the car in front of us stopped suddenly and randomly. The driver leaned out of her car to say something to a guy walking his dog, and then drove on, made a quick U-turn, and sped off in the opposite direction.

We had some fun coming up with weird reasons for this erratic driving. Like “She just kicked them out, and she’s reconsidered. She wants the dog to come back.” And one of the things I said was, “Maybe her dog is lost, and she asked if he’d seen it.”

And then in the next block, I spotted two German shepherds running around on a lawn, darting into the street, and then running back and peeing on the lawn. Pollyanna is not implying anything about sheep herders from Germany, ya’ll. These were canines.

So I pulled up and called the dogs, who came close to the car and were friendly. I got out and the white dog was all over me instantly. No, I wasn’t being torn apart by savage canines – although I might have been in danger of Death by Doggie Affection. The dark dog was more timid but also glad to have some friendly humans pet her and talk to her. They both had tags, and we called the owner who came over quickly. While we waited, RSM pulled the dark dog away from a woman who was walking a very small dog, so we made their day better too. The shepherd was fast – she wasn’t aggressive and didn’t harm them, but she did run at them and scare them both. After that, we kept firm holds on both dogs collars – to the general relief of the drivers and bicyclists on the street, I’m sure.

The owner was thrilled to get her dogs back safely, and we were happy to keep the dogs from harm. They got out when one of the dogs jumped up and hit the garage door opener. Apparently, white dogs can jump.  

By the time we got home, we were both covered in white and black dog hair, and our french fries were no longer hot.

And we agreed it was totally worth it.

We both totally earned Light Side points.

I’ll turn him into a Jedi yet.


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