Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine – The Quiz

Lyda and Anna-Liza here. Yes, we’re collaborating. Fear not, darlings, we promise to use our powers for good. Really. Pay no attention to the Sith Lord behind the curtain.

It’s our Blog-iversary!

We thought it would be fun to find out:  How much do ya’ll know about your Pollyannas? Anna-Liza really needs to do something about her stash — both yarn and books, according to Darlin’ K, so prizes will be books and/or yarn from Anna-Liza’s stash.

So … on with the quiz!

All of the answers have been posted on the blog at one time or another, except perhaps the “who starred in” ones. You may find it by searching (scroll all the way to the bottom of the site for the “search” thingie). Some are really hard to find.

1. What was Anna-Liza’s first job?

2. Why did Lyda leave her first paid job?

3. Name a state besides California and Colorado that one of the Pollyannas has lived in. Bonus if you can name more than one state. Double bonus if you name a state they both lived in.

4. Why does Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat say all cats should come to the Dark Side? And who is the Sith Apprentice Cat’s semi-secret apprentice?

5. Name one of the popular search terms that has brought people to our blog. Now name one of the bizarre search terms.

6. What book is quoted for every challenge in the 2008 Pollyanna Reading Challenge?

7. Who is one of the Pollyannas’ favorite living authors? Any of them will do, but we bet we know who gets the most mentions.

8. Define “pony play”. Please do not use pictures … or tell us if you have participated. Thanks.

9. What wild animal did Lyda discover in her kitchen one day?

10. What paper-mache creature did Anna-Liza create with her kids?

11. Which Pollyanna knew how to knit first?

12. Lyda has many obsessions. Name three.

13. Name two knit bloggers who have met both Pollyannas.

14. Lyda’s Second Son likes to be referred to as…?

15. Just how many kids does Anna-Liza have, anyway?

16. Anna-Liza wrote a post in praise of a specific part of her husband’s body. What body part was it?

17. What actress played Pollyanna in the ’70s Disney movie of the same name? Bonus: Who wrote the original Pollyanna book? Extra bonus: What actress starred in the 1920 silent movie?

18. Who does Lyda want to be when she grows up? Super-hard Bonus Question: Who does Anna-Liza want to be when she grows up?

19. What was the first tutorial Lyda posted?

20. What was the only tutorial Anna-Liza has posted?

21. When did Pollyanna meet the blogiverse?

22. How long did it take Lyda to complete two baby quilts for Anna-Liza’s sons?

23. What was Anna-Liza’s first car? Bonus points: what color was it?

24. Lyda won what blog contest?

25. Anna-Liza jumped on what bandwagon?

26. Name three things that Lyda has written a Random Weirdness post about.

27. Name a fiber obsession hobby of Anna-Liza’s other than knitting.

28. Name an obsession hobby other than knitting shared by both Anna-Liza and Lyda.

29. What are the two types of tea are used to make Anna-Liza’s Favorite Iced Tea?

30. What did Anna-Liza say to Lyda when they first met that told Lyda they would be friends?

You will have realized by now that some of these questions have only one correct answer, and some have a smörgåsbord of answers, just waiting for you to select your favorites. (Anna-Liza’s always wanted to use smörgåsbord in a sentence). Have fun, let us know what you think the answers are. We’ll blog results when we get around to it.

Oh, and yes, we do actually know the answers. We’ll post them, too.

All in good time, my pretties.

These things have to be done delicately… Delicately… Or you hurt the magic.


7 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine – The Quiz

  1. lyda Post author

    Hey Marin, I should have put in some questions about Gorgeous and Available Engineer brother just for you.

    Donna-Maria! Wow! Hi!

  2. Donna-Maria

    Hi Lyda, yeah I know. But I’ve got a better connection now so I hope I can check in with y’all more often. You and AL are so cute together! Ever think of doing a stage show?


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