Pollyanna and the Blizzard of ’09, Havi, Shiva, and Twitter

Anna-Liza here, as you’ve probably figured. If it ever blizzards in Orange County, you can bet Lyda will be too busy trying not to die from shock (and cold) to post about it, at least right away. But, here along the Front Range, this is just one of those things. It’s March, must be time for a blizzard.

(Actually, that’s not true. Last blizzard was in December of … 2006, I believe. But we want to keep up the mystique.)

Work shut down early and I got home about 1:15 or so … a bit over an hour after I left work. Which is a drive I usually make in about half an hour. So this was nothing so bad as the ’06 blizzard, in which it took me three hours to make what is normally a half-hour drive.

Schools were closed today, as was Mr. B’s preschool. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about the preschool until we were there, and then I turned around and took him home again. And then I drove to work, did some work, told people we were having a blizzard so their orders might ship out a little later than usual. One woman said, “Oh, how annoying!” then said “I mean for you!” Good save. And then everyone kept insisting that Highway 287 was closed by multiple jackknifed big rigs, and that I should go home immediately.

Yeah. Because the best route home is shut down, so I should leave right away. I thought about this and decided that if I waited a bit things might have gotten cleared up to some extent. I printed out a couple Google maps showing some side roads, got a bottle of water from the vending machine and put some snacks I keep in my desk in my bag (just in case I really did get stuck — my knitting was already in the bag), set my autoreply for email … and then headed to the car.

It was seriously windy, and I had to put my sunglasses on to keep the snow out of my eyes. There were some pretty interestingly shaped snowdrifts around the car, up to about my knee level (which, let us not kid ourselves, is really not that deep). But I put it in full-time four-wheel drive and headed home. There were no jackknifed big rigs in sight, but a lot of people’s cars were off on the sides of the road.

Got home, got my Dance of Shiva DVD out of its case and proceeded to … program the remote. Because the original DVD remote got broken when one of the kids dropped it one too many times (why do they make these things so delicate?) and the universal remote I bought to replace it had never been programmed right. Which meant I couldn’t view 95% of this new DVD, which I am incredibly excited about working with. So I figured out the remote!!! Hear me roar!!! And then I watched the intro and started learning the first level of Dance of Shiva.

Which, I can already tell, is going to be awesome. And I never use that word except sarcastically or dead seriously. Guess which it is this time.

Do you know Havi? You need to get to know Havi. Really. Enchanting Juno put me onto her. Havi is the bomb, and she’s funny, too. She has been putting things I’ve been struggling with into words that I understand in a whole new way, and now suddenly I can work with these things instead of struggling. I am so relieved to discover that I’m not a moron, that I just need to think of things differently!

Oh, and do you tweet? If you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @Divina712. Yeah, I know, I don’t even own a cell phone. But fuck it, it’s fun, and nothing like the time suck I was afraid it would be. (Lyda, let me know if you get on and I’ll set you up with a “Follow Lyda!” thingy in the sidebar, too).

5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Blizzard of ’09, Havi, Shiva, and Twitter

  1. Sherri

    “Hear me roar!!!” Ha ha! That is the best remote conquering victory speech I ever heard. And might I add nice job!

    I’ll be interested in hearing more about your Dance of Shiva work. I haven’t tried yet, but I’m considering it.


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