Pollyanna Clues You In

Lyda here. Anna-Liza too.

Here are the answers to “Pollyanna – The Quiz” (the original questions are in red):

1. What was Anna-Liza’s first job? Scooping ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins store. In Texas. In the summer. She gained some weight. (Don’t feel bad if you missed this one – I totally did not know this until I read it in one of her posts.)

2. Why did Lyda leave her first paid job? She thought they were asking her to do something dishonest. Not that Lyda is exclusively high-minded. She got fired from her second job – at a pizza place – because she was at a party instead of work. And by “she” I mean “me”.

I still maintain that it was the right thing to do.

3. Name a state besides California and Colorado that one of the Pollyannas has lived in. Bonus if you can name more than one state. Double bonus if you name a state they both lived in. Oklahoma, Iowa, Ohio. Both lived in Texas.

4. Why does Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat say all cats should come to the Dark Side? And who is the Sith Apprentice Cat’s semi-secret apprentice? “We have toys.” Sparkle Kitty (aka Demon Cat), Anna-Liza’s kitten.

5. Name one of the popular search terms that has brought people to our blog. Now name one of the bizarre search terms. Alpacas. Bruce Willis. Heathers. Zombie cake. Erotic chicken feathers. Long tongue.

6. What book is quoted for every challenge in the 2008 Pollyanna Reading Challenge? “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Okay, that was a gimme.

7. Who is one of the Pollyannas’ favorite living authors? Any of them will do, but we bet we know who gets the most mentions.  Terry Pratchett. Christopher Moore. Also, uh.. Nora Roberts? No, I like her okay, particularly in her J.D. Robb persona, but she’s not one of my favorites. Georgette Heyer, although we think we haven’t actually mentioned her. So that one would be psychic ability on your part. And Douglas Adams. Yes? Oh wait, we said “living author” didn’t we? So Georgette Heyer doesn’t count, either.

8. Define “pony play”. Please do not use pictures … or tell us if you have participated. Thanks.  Uh. Ya’ll should look that one up. We’ll make this one a gimme too, now that we come to think of it.

9. What wild animal did Lyda discover in her kitchen one day? Mouse. Actually, two mice. Sadly, not Odid Fehr.

10. What paper-mache creature did Anna-Liza create with her kids? Two-headed dragon.

11. Which Pollyanna knew how to knit first? Anna-Liza.

12. Lyda has many obsessions. Name three. Zombies. CAKE. Cleaning. TV. Quilting. Weirdness. The blog. So-bad-they’re-funny movies. Oded Fehr. Jackie Chan. Harrison Ford. In fact, let’s just say: menz.

13. Name two knit bloggers who have met both Pollyannas. Marin AKA The AntiM and Laurie AKA Crazy Aunt Purl.

14. Lyda’s Second Son likes to be referred to as…? Chuck Norris.

15. Just how many kids does Anna-Liza have, anyway? Four.

16. Anna-Liza wrote a post in praise of a specific part of her husband’s body. What body part was it? Hands. And I’ll bet that’s not the first thing ya’ll thought of when you read the question. Twelve!

17. What actress played Pollyanna in the ’70s Disney movie of the same name? Bonus: Who wrote the original Pollyanna book? Extra bonus: What actress starred in the 1920 silent movie? Haley Mills. Bonus: Eleanor H. Porter. Extra bonus: Mary Pickford.

18. Who does Lyda want to be when she grows up? Super-hard Bonus Question: Who does Anna-Liza want to be when she grows up? Lyda wants to be Nora (of “The Thin Man” fame). Anna-Liza wants to be A self-indulgent yarn whore.

19. What was the first tutorial Lyda posted? Stereo cozy.

20. What was the only tutorial Anna-Liza has posted? Mending holes in felt slippers.

21. When did Pollyanna meet the blogiverse? March 25, 2007.

22. How long did it take Lyda to complete two baby quilts for Anna-Liza’s sons?  Three years. (So embarassing.)

23. What was Anna-Liza’s first car? Bonus points: what color was it? 1967 Cougar XR7. Red. Very, very fast. I loved that car! So did I. Oh, the places we went and the things that we did…

24. Lyda won what blog contest? Marin’s 2008 Black Valentine contest.

25. Anna-Liza jumped on what bandwagon? Pig-Licking!

26. Name three things that Lyda has written a Random Weirdness post about. Zombies, pirates, humans, “animals, nudity and brothels, oh my”, animal kingdom, fun, pig-licking, “our favorite things”, “black valentine”, “Love American style”, Star Trek, dogs, gift-giving, opera, money, art, the universe, bizarre research, late night movies, TV, insects and spiders, work…

…and a bunch of totally random Random Weirdness posts.

What? I’ve never done a post exclusively about the weirdness of cats?? That’s… weird.

27. Name a fiber obsession hobby of Anna-Liza’s other than knitting. Needle felting, spinning with a drop spindle.

28. Name an obsession hobby other than knitting shared by both Anna-Liza and Lyda. Reading. Sewing. Sex. Food. Sleeping. Movies. Sex. Chocolate. Sex. Oh. We said “sex” already.

29. What are the two types of tea are used to make Anna-Liza’s Favorite Iced Tea? Celestial Seasonings’ “Decaf Green Tea” and “Mint Magic. Anna-Liza’s recipe here along with a link to a sweet tea recipe.

30. What did Anna-Liza say to Lyda when they first met that told Lyda they would be friends? “He’s got a nice ass.” And he did! Heh. And little to no brain… Well, that was true of so many of the guys with cute asses we knew back then … Ah, those were the days…


Scores will be tabulated and posted soon. And winners too.

Once we stop reminicing about guys from the past. Hey, Anna-Liza, remember the time…

Yeah, we might be awhile.



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