Pollyanna gets Batty

Lyda here. Yeah, it’s been awhile. I missed a lot – Space Bat, Evil Trike Thieves, and all manner of stuff.

I have excuses  reasons. I’m trying to get caught up at work, sort out my finances, and get over an Evil Influenza of the Intestines (just as much fun as it sounds), while hobbling about on my still-sprained foot (yes, it’s been three months). And I haven’t done my taxes yet. And the sun was in my eyes.

But I digress whiningly. Is that a word? No?… in a whining way, then. Oh no, I’ve digressed within my digression!


I have been thinking about ya’ll. I have lots of posts planned. And some day I may even get caught up on reading all your blogs…

But first, the really important stuff.

When I googled “space bat fabric” – I know you all count on me for this kind of hard hitting investigative shopping – I got some interesting stuff.

I discovered a game called BatMud with a bat graphic that’s kind of spacey.

BugFabric.com has fabrics with bats, as well as construction equipment. For Marin – scroll down for construction crane fabric, just because. But I had to show ya’ll the cool buttons. Scroll down to see charming Susan Clark buttons: bunny, pig, lamb, spider, even a lobster. “Everybody needs a lobster sometimes…” Sing it, Frank!

No official Space Bat buttons or fabric yet… but that tribute site does have t-shirts.

Can Space Pig be far behind? Not if I have anything to say about it…

I found this at the FabricFun blog:  Boxy Bats from the Fabric Fun Dolls Exhibition 2008. Scroll down a bit and see the different bat boxes the artists created. Fun.

Of course, I also got this – don’t open that at work. Fan service.

So then I had to google “nude bat” and got some disturbing results. And some scientific information. Is it just me, or is a website called American Zoo a bad place to advertise your bat exterminating business? And some weirdness.

And “naked bat” brought this. So I had to look for “naked bat man.” Of course. Hey, it was a logical progression. “Back off, man, I’m a scientist.” I need to see that movie again.

Wow. The digressions are really out in force today.

I found this. Heh.

And this furry digression: Flying Bunny! Give it time to fully download; it’s worth it.

And this – don’t open at work or around the littles, ya’ll. More fan service!

Especially be careful where & when you open this oneComic porn!

Holy Shirtless Superheroes, Batman!


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