Pollyanna on a hot Sunday night

Lyda here. Oh, the whirlwind life I lead.

I haven’t accomplished much this weekend – I did the laundry and spent a bit of quality time with the Resident Sith Master. Otherwise, I mostly

a) slept


b) watched TV / caught up on reading blogs / played puzzle-type video games / read – – while feeling like I am half asleep.

I am feeling a bit better after my long bout with a nasty stomach bug, but I’m still really tired and achy. This bug has done weird things to my appetite – I’ve been either queasy or starving for two or three weeks. Not fun. And I seem to have gained a lot of weight too – probably not over the last two weeks, but being sick has made me aware of my increased size. Not happy making. Don’t most people lose weight with the flu? Sigh.

Plus I have been having some seriously weird and disturbing dreams. A lot of them involve the DW – my ex, RSM’s dad – which is disturbing indeed. Today in the dream we were still married – scary kids! – and I was arguing about him about how to decorate MY office/sewing room. At least I was standing up to him in the dream. I guess I’m working through some issues. Ya think?

Also, maybe I’m overdoing the decorating shows?


But I digress…

Even though I’m still exhausted, today I finally look almost alive.

Less like a member of my Zombie Army, anyway.

Although I still feel like a zombie…

Zombie Lyda says: CAKE!!

Got to go, the Sith Apprentice Cat says it’s time for a pet-the-cat break. He enforces this by sitting right in front of the monitor.

Tommy is a strict task master, ya’ll.


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