Pollyanna and the shiny

Lyda here. I’m easily distracted right now.

Here’s a list of UFOs, Projects, and Ramblings that are More Random than Usual:

1.)  Why is it that I love to write yet I procrastinate so much? Ditto painting, drawing, quilting…

I think it’s the whole OCD thing, wanting it all to be perfect and wonderful. I’m okay once I start, but starting is a bitch.

At least with knitting, I will just blunder on through, because I am a newb and I don’t expect anything from myself. And I know to only do easy things, like scarves or stereo cozies.

That said, I don’t have anything on the needles right now… I feel like I can’t start anything new until I finish the quilts and such. Which is dumb, because I knit at night and quilt during the day, mostly.

2.) I’m considering getting a roommate. Or a second job. Or both. Yes, I’m thinking of inviting some stranger into my Fortress of Solitude, and also plotting to spend my free time working instead of sitting on the couch sewing and watching zombie movies.

From this ya’ll can tell that my financial situation has not magically become wonderful through benign neglect.


So if ya’ll know anyone who need an organizing dynamo slash office manager slash ghost writer slash whatever…

or someone who needs a place to live in Orange County who likes cats, video games, and maybe even the occasional zombie movie…

Call me.

3.) I have missed yet another deadline for sending out the Pay It Forward gifts. I apologize. I am actually working on them, but many insane things have happened lately and I haven’t finished them yet. There was the 2-week flu. And the not-sleeping for two months. And… Locusts! It wasn’t my fault! 

They will come to you some day. Really.

4.) In related news, I have not finished the In The Jungle Quilt for older grandnephew either. That lion sure sleeps a lot…

5.) I also have still not finished the Heart Quilt. I’ve begun hand-quilting it and taken the stitches out three times already. I need to JUST. DO. IT. Ya’ll hold my hand, okay?

And I am still considering adding words to the quilt. Here are some Joy possibilities…

6.) I love this fabric. It would be so awesome in a quilt. But $22.95 a yard? Uh.


7.) Isn’t this pretty? I’m very into the shiny tonight…

8.) There’s a dark side to shiny. Like this Goth lighting. You could totally save hundreds of dollars and create this effect with a thrift store chandelier, black spray paint, and strings of black acrylic beads. I’m just saying. They do such things on Design on a Dime all the time.

Or you could put this on your wall. Goth and irony at the same time.

9.) This is just… because.

10.) In case of Zombie Outbreak, do not do this.



2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the shiny

  1. savanvleck

    Lyda, I so relate. I have not counted, lately, just how many rubbermaids I have of cotton fabric to make quilts. I have fourteen grandchildren and I bought specific fabric for at least eight of them. I have yarn for two sweaters plus, socks started on the needle and the Harry Potter scarf, my daughter finished. I started a painting of my brother, for my mother many years ago, am supposed to make chip/dip dishes designed by Army grandson #3, and a present of two pottery pieces for my daughter and one for my #2 grandson. It does not end. I figure I cannot die until I am done, so I will live to be 150, at least.

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