Pollyanna versus the Alpaca Zombies

Lyda here.

“Alpaca zombies” was a recent search term that led someone to our blog.

A more normal person may have thought of zombies made of alpaca, like this. And this. Check out the seller’s felted pigs too.

Uh-oh. I just found this. And – oh no! – look at Alice In Zombieland. I seriously NEED an Alice In Zombieland business card holder. Right?

Must. Restrain. Self.

But I digress…


Zombies made out of alpaca? Ya’ll know that would be way too normal for me. I’m thinking, alpaca zombies in a more literal sense.

I can see it now.

Zombies lurching to knit shops muttering “Alpaca… alpaca…”

What does an alpaca zombie look like?

Look in the mirror.

No, just kidding.

An alpaca zombie looks like George here. Now there’s a zombie with style! George can join my Zombie Army any time. But I think KnittyOtter would miss him.

Damn. Now I want a George of my own. I wonder where I can find a life-size zombie who likes quilts and scarves… Do I put an ad in the weekly zombie paper? Do I post it on Craig’s List?

But I digress…

Or maybe they were looking for alpacas that are zombies. In which case they should totally check this artist out.

But think about it.

Zombie alpacas.

Roaming the streets in herds.

Ya’ll  know whose brains they’ll eat first, fellow fiber fiends.



One thought on “Pollyanna versus the Alpaca Zombies

  1. savanvleck

    I would definitely try Craig’s list. Seems you can get ANYTHING on Craig’s list. We got a great deal on a car there, but it was not made of fiber. I love the “Possibly related posts” of WordPress too. Yours has First impressions: Left 4 Dead, Jesus Christ Pose (what they are taking new pictures?), and An Alpaca Experiment. Yes, a Zombie Alpaca or an Alpaca Zombie would be quite an experiment.


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